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Walterscheid Powertrain Group: SMART & CONNECTED into the future

  • Creating value out of powertrain information

  • Status information for optimized powertrain performance

  • Added customer value and service options

Smart & Connected Powertrain Solutions make Powertrain information available to the application, and therefore create additional value to the customer by giving the potential to improve efficiency, reliability, service and maintenance. The Smart & Connected strategy benefits both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and the aftermarket for Walterscheid powertrains. “The powertrain is one of the most critical parts of a machine. It ensures power transmission from the engine to the application. The new Walterscheid Smart & Connected powertrain technologies allow for all data that is needed to maintain and optimize the performance of your powertrain to be available to your application. The technology is applicable to a wide range of Walterscheid’s powertrain components”, says Max Krüger, Engineering Manager Smart and Digital Solutions.

Live data and ‘digital twins’


As a highly innovative engineering service, the Smart & Connected strategy allows for monitoring powertrains in operation, thus providing live data on operation and service requirements. This data is generated via plug & play sensors which can be integrated into Walterscheid powertrain components. Data is safely transmitted and electronically stored via cloud connectivity.

All of the data relevant to the product and its operation can then serve as the ‘digital twin’ of the powertrain. This allows machines and processes to be closely monitored from distant offices and maintenance shops.

Added customer value in all kinds of operations

Smart & Connected is a customer centric solution that creates added value for machine operators. Being continuously aware of core operating data such as angle, torque, rotation speed, slip or temperature of the powertrain components enables operators to reliably recognize potential irregularities before failures or downtime can occur.

Smart & Connected Powertrain solutions reduces necessary maintenance efforts due to predictive and condition based monitoring as well as early wear detection. The system also enables the prediction of service and repair intervals, thus allowing for increased powertrain availability. Remote diagnostics provide new opportunities to extend component lifetime, increase efficiency and process optimization based on detailed mechanical load information.

Providing this detailed information online via the cloud, our innovative Smart & Connected strategy introduces highly useful service options for a broad range of operations and equipment. This includes agricultural machines and implements, mining and construction machinery as well as a broad range of industrial applications.

New engineering service offers

Our Walterscheid Smart & Connected products and services are designed to bring additional value to your individual application. Our engineering service offering includes the development of application specific designs, using agile methodology and rapid prototyping, innovative sensor concepts, as well as life-cycle oriented designs.

Source: Walterscheid Powertrain Group