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Wash and Go! The first Wash Rack installed in the Middle East

Leading rental customer chooses Generac Mobile’s Wash Rack for Plant Equipment Clean-up


BYRNE Equipment Rental LLC has selected Generac Mobile Products to support its depot operations in keeping its generator, light equipment and a selection of fleet vehicles clean, by choosing a premium Wash Rack System.

At their new depot in Mina Abdullah, Kuwait, the customer required a practical, safe and reliable cleaning system which would not only help reduce water costs but would also improve the consumption of water during the plant equipment hose down and clean-up operation.

For this project, a premium 6 x 12 m self-contained Generac Wash Rack, with a 15 tonne capacity and special side loading ramps for forklift access, was chosen to promote efficient water use and help the company meet environmental protection codes against contamination of soil and water systems from oils and hydrocarbons when cleaning equipment.

The Middle East is proactively adopting measures and implementing new practices to improve sustainable water management across the territory which it views as critical to its future development and vital in response to the challenges of global warming (Source: World Bank).

The DF Wash Rack range not only helps to reduce water costs but offers an environmentally friendly cleaning system where more than 80% of the water is recycled through a filtration system.

George Darrous, Business Development Director, Generac Mobile Middle East comments: “We have a long-standing relationship with BYRNE Equipment Rental and we were determined to help them find a viable solution which would support their clean-up operation in an ecological and environmentally friendly way.”

Following extensive meetings with the customer’s engineering and management teams, as well as onsite visits, the Generac team presented a tailored specification which would essentially meet the weight capacity of the customer’s equipment.

Source: Generac Mobile