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Weekly overview 10.-14.12.2018

Paving The Way for Vital Infrastructure

The machine averaged 5 km a day.

The transport infrastructure needs in economically emerging regions of the Asia-Pacific are so significant that roads are being built at an unprecedented rate. According to the Asian Development Bank, the Asia-Pacific alone requires an investment of $1.7 trillion a year over the next decade in order to keep up with economic growth and tackle poverty and climate change. Investment in infrastructure projects across Indonesia, in particular, has risen rapidly to respond to an economy that is set to expand by 5.3% this year and next. Read more >>

Nooteboom introduces NOVAB 3.0 Axle load calculation

NOVAB 3.0 Axle load calculation

Always a clear overview of the axle loads! With NoVAB 3.0 Cloud it is now even quicker and easier to calculate the optimal load positions for all vehicle combinations to prevent exceeding the maximum axle loads.The Nooteboom Vehicle Axle Load Calculation programme was developed by Nooteboom more than 20 years ago especially for their customers in the international abnormal transport sector.  The programme accurately calculates the optimal position for the loads on the vehicle combinations that are to be loaded. Users of the programme can choose from a wide range of predefined vehicles, such as box trucks, tractors, drawbar trailers and semi-trailers. Read more >>

John Deere upgrades compact wheel loader line with new 244L and 324L models

John Deere 324L

Offering operators increased productivity and significantly faster travel speeds, John Deere redesigned its K-Series compact wheel loader models with the introduction of the 244L and 324L compact wheel loaders. Ideal for landscape/snow removal, ag material handling and construction tasks, the new models round out the full line of L-Series compact wheel loaders available from John Deere. Read more >>

Robust all-rounder with innovative safety features: Bauer duty- cycle cranes are the right choice for challenging applications throughout Europe

At Menard in Poland, an MC 96 was used at various locations to improve the groundfor the subsequent construction of structures in the interesting and challenging technologyof dynamic soil compaction with a 20-t falling weight in automated operation, or to compactrefuse at landfill sites in order to save space.

Over the last few years, the MC duty-cycle crane series have solidified their territory in the Bauer product portfolio and are the preferred choice for many specialist foundation engineering methods requiring the use of such equipment as the basic machine. In particular, the development of the new mid-size platform has provided excellent conditions for a broader expansion beyond exclusively foundation engineering applications. This applies primarily to traditional duty-cycle crane equipment, such as mechanical and hydraulic grabs, vibrators of various designs, but also the use of pounders in automated soil compaction. The MC's robustness has a particularly positive impact here. Read more >>

Cat® GRADE with 3D brings added utility, versatility and operating efficiency to automated grade control for D3K2, D4K2 and D5K2 models

Track-type tractors

The new Cat® GRADE with 3D system for D3K2, D4K2 and D5K2 track-type tractors is an automated grade control system using GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology to precisely position the machine's blade, without operator input, from first rough cut to finish grade. For added utility, GRADE with 3D incorporates the Cat AccuGrade™ Ready Option, which allows use of universal-total-station and laser references for automated control. The new system assists operators of all skill levels achieve specified grades faster and more accurately, compared with conventional methods, while also reducing staking costs and saving rework expense, fuel, and machine hours. Read more >>

Hillside hauling with two TA300s

TA300 Terex Trucks articulated hauler


Deep in Omaio Forest in New Zealand, Gaddum Construction is using two TA300 Terex Trucks articulated haulers to move end material and metal for road-building as well as shift logs. In spite of the slippery surfaces and steep slopes, the project is now close to completion, thanks to the durability of the Terex Trucks machines. The small coastal town of Omaio takes its name from the Māori word for a ‘place of peace, quiet and tranquility’ – and it’s not hard to see why. It is located on the east side of New Zealand’s North Island, approximately 57 km east of Opotiki. Omaio has a lush, green landscape, picturesque beaches, and a coastline that attracts fishermen from all around the region. Read more >>

Kalmar forklifts to help ensure efficient drilling operations in extreme weather conditions for ENTP

Forklift Truck


Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has delivered a total of 18 forklift trucks to Algeria's leading drilling contractor Entreprise Nationale des Travaux aux Puits (ENTP). Kalmar will also support ENTP with parts supply and provide operator training to their staff. The machines, ordered in the first quarter of 2018, were delivered during the third quarter. Established in 1981, ENTP is the leading drilling contractor in Algeria with a market share of close to 45 percent. The company performs drilling and maintenance operations on both deep-water and hydrocarbon wells across Algeria. ENTP is a subsidiary of Sonatrach, which is Algeria's largest company in terms of both turnover and number of employees. The Kalmar forklifts are deployed at the company's site in Hassi Messaoud, Ouargla in eastern Algeria and have a lifting capacity of 14 tons. Read more >>

Source: LECTURA GmbH Verlag