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What are the Essential Equipment & Machinery Used in the Construction Industry?

Crawler excavators are versatile machines
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Crawler excavators are versatile machines

IMAGE SOURCE: Photo by Anamul Rezwan from Pexels

Investing in residential apartments for rental income generates high passive income that needs minimal daily maintenance. With factors such as competition, the habitability of the area in question, and scouring amenities and utilities in the residential site considered, construction costs will determine when and if you will break even. Construction Estimating Software can help when considering the heavy equipment needed and the construction worker's wages during the duration of construction. With most construction workers' wages standard throughout the country, knowing precisely which heavy construction equipment is needed for various purposes is necessary to know what will need to be purchased or hired. Here are seven essential equipment and machinery used in the construction industry.



Excavators are one of the critical universally used heavy essential equipment needed for building residential apartments. Its primary purpose is the excavation of soils before laying the foundation of the building. Its use cuts across as it is also used for heavy lifting and demolitions. Purchase of an excavator is highly recommended, primarily if the wood used will be from trees in the surrounding area as it cuts trees well. With the whole cabin rotatable up to 360 degrees, its ease of operation makes it the go-to equipment. Excavators come in two types; wheeled and tracked forms.


Bulldozers, just like excavators, are used in soil excavation. However, rather than cut deep into the earth, they are for relocation of topsoil. Sharp wide edged metal plates do the work. The plate is lowered and raised for the excavation. Debris lying about in the yard after construction is complete can be removed using bulldozers. Besides, bulldozers help in gardening foundations as they can complete work in a day that may take wheelbarrows weeks.


The construction of roads leading to residential housing and underground parking will be done using a grader. It is marketed as a piece of essential equipment for constructing roads to level surfaces off. The horizontal blade is located between the rear and the front wheels, lowered to the ground when leveling. However, since it is used at the tail end of the construction work, hiring one independently for a few days is a better economic move than purchasing one. If you are working with a contracted construction company, ensure that it comes with the deal and is charged affordably.


A sky-scraping residential apartment complex needs many hidden constructions done underground for the efficiency of apartments later on. Trenchers (trenching machines) are used to excavate soil to make large channels, which are then used for laying pipes and cables. Drainage systems are also placed in the trenches. Using trenchers rather than fork hammers is necessary for uniform deeper placed drainage systems, ensuring minimal maintenance is needed in the future as proper installation is done from the base.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are large tracks used to carry materials or waste from one construction area to another site. Generally used for large constructions, this heavy machine is necessary for easy clearance of space when needed for any construction site. Besides, it carries equipment needed in factories.


A lot of waste is generated in the construction of residential apartments in the form of unusable raw materials, demolition waste, and excavated soil. A loader comes in handy to load all the materials needed for transportation to the dumpsite. It contains a large bucket at the front with a short movable arm. Coming in both track and wheeled forms, it's usually used in places where it's too hectic to use wheelbarrows and if other types of wheeled loaders cannot reach the area.

Tower Cranes/ Telehandlers

When building a sky-scraping residential building, a tower crane is an essential machinery used in the construction. The fixed crane's work is to aid in carrying heavy materials to the top of the building, such as concrete frames, blocks, and steel frames. Saving time and energy, it mainly consists of a long vertical tower with a long operating arm. Rotation is 360 degrees and accessible from the operating cabin. Telehandlers also work in the same way as a tower crane but are smaller. If the building structure has not reached three floors, a telehandler is used instead of a crane to lift heavy materials to where it is needed.

Purchase of insurance on construction industry equipment and machinery is advisable before the start of construction. Even with all safety standards met, an accident occurring can be disastrous, and taking measured steps beforehand will save money, time, and many heartaches.

Source: CostCertified