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Wheel loaders and telehandlers from the 40- and 50 series with new motors and options.

Continuous improvement of exhaust gas standards.


The 4080/4080T and 5080/5080T wheel loaders and telehandlers now meet the latest exhaust gas standards. The 40 series can now be equipped with three different Perkins motors: 55 kW (75 hp), 75 kW (102 hp) and 90 kW (122 hp). The 75 hp version corresponds to emission standard level IIIB with DPF (diesel particulate filter), the 102 and 122 hp versions correspond to emission standard level IV (tier 4 (final)). The 50 series always comes equipped with the larger 90 kW motor (122 hp), with exhaust gases being processed by a DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst) in combination with SCR-cat (selective catalytic reduction). The diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is injected after the DOC, which then mixes with the exhaust gases and reacts in the SCR-cat.
The tank required for this is located in the front carriage of the vehicle. The new motors enable harmful emissions to be further reduced. The air flow in the engine space has also been revised: the air is not suctioned from the rear, as can be seen in the modernised engine hood design. The new air filters with integrated cyclonic filter protect the engine and reduce the need for servicing since the intake air has already been cleaned of large pollutant particles. There is also an optional low pressure suction unit, which can further reduce the need for daily maintenance.
The optional oil cooler now no longer has to be mounted to the front of the machine; it can now also be placed within the engine space.

The 4080T and 5080T telehandlers now come fitted with larger tipping cylinders, which have a positive effect on tearout force. When it comes to coupling and decoupling hydraulically operated attachments, all the new wheel loaders and telehandlers have a special feature: the button for releasing pressure on the 3rd control circuit is easily accessible via the telescopic arm/load arm. This enables a variety of attachments to be changed even quicker and more efficiently - even while the ignition/engine is on.

The operator’s cab has also seen some changes: The steps have been made larger and more comfortable to use with a wider profile for optimal stability. There is also an optional roof air conditioning system which boasts increased performance levels. A new 3.5 inch colour display with expanded functions is also available, which enables you to view maintenance hours or an hour counter, for example, on the display system. There is also a new latch for the 4th control circuit/the high-flow option, which enables you to work with special attachments more easily and efficiently.

If required, the “Jog Dial” operating element can be manually set to control the flow rate of the hydraulic oil. This is advantageous if the vehicle is operating an attachment which does not require the full hydraulic output of the vehicle, such as a bale gripper or rotary sweeper. If used properly, expensive flow control valves on the attachment are not required. The operator can therefore work precisely and in a resource-saving manner with a machine and attachment. The vehicle also features a practical new option enabling speeds of 40 km/h. This involved the retransposition of axles and drives and the installation of a larger hydraulic motor and variable displacement pump. The vehicles then feature 20% more pushing power and an automatic lifting arm damping with 3 modes, which naturally makes it quicker to get from A to B.

To enable the best possible use of trailers, various changes were made to the rear of the vehicle. In addition to the regular ball hitch, there is a now a height-adjustable version (from 60 to 90 cm) which can be modified in line with the height of the trailer draw-bar. Depending on the hitch type, trailer loads of between 3,500 kg and a mighty 8,000 kg are now possible. The pneumatic braking system enables the use of compressed-air braked trailers, which once again increases the vehicle's range of applications.

Source: Weideman GmbH

Weidemann 4080 on LECTURA Specs
Weidemann 5080 on LECTURA Specs
Weidemann 4080T on LECTURA Specs
Weidemann 5080T on LECTURA Specs