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When size and true grit are demanded

When the experts from the sector show up for the 9th steinexpo from 3-6 September 2014 at Europe's largest basalt quarry in Homberg/Nieder-Ofleiden, then they rightly expect great things to happen. And this is on offer both in terms of the quantity and the detail. The subdued appearance of standard sizes and some winning pieces is not what exhibitors are striving for, because the demonstration exhibition for the raw and building materials industry is all about solutions for especially demanding tasks. Liebherr will be one of the exhibitors that will provide the perfect example with its performance this time.


In planning their steinexpo appearance, manufacturers of and dealers in excavators, wheel loaders and off-highway trucks for the European aggregates industry closely focus on their target groups in gravel pits and quarries and match their demonstration exhibits accordingly. In so doing, some dare to venture into the rarer size categories. So for example, among the Liebherr exhibits, two large excavators will play a major role in attracting the attention. These giants are actually designed for the mining industry, but in larger quarries they also live up to their reputation as high-performance equipment.
In the strength behind the scoops and buckets of such large-scale equipment, maximum durability is demanded of the tooth systems in use. A special and on top of it hammerless mining tooth system will therefore in interaction with the excavators underline how development positively in detail impact the performance of mining backhoe and face shovels. In the demonstration the excavator and the tooth system of the same brand will interactively show their perfectly matched abilities.

Launching with 100 and 130 tons

The Liebherr R 9100 mining excavator, a 100-ton machine with a new 565 kW Liebherr V12 diesel engine was first introduced four years ago. Its new standards in production, reliability, fuel efficiency and operating cost efficiency have meanwhile also convinced operators that were previously using an 80-ton truck for direct extraction or for conveying bulk material.
By using innovative technologies from the large hydraulic excavators range of the manufacturer and proven components from its own development programme, the new model represents an optimal piece of equipment for even the most stringent demands in the quarry industry.
Together the motor and the efficient hydraulic system provide the high breakout and ripping forces required in practical conditions. An efficient cooling concept minimises the specific energy consumption of the auxiliary drive systems. The rock bucket with its 7 m³ volume has been optimised for heavy-duty applications. Combined with the specially developed Liebherr special tooth system, it provides maximum penetration forces and high fill factors.
Whoever ogles an even bigger performance giant, will find the matching partner in the R 9150 mining excavator. The advanced successor in the 130-ton category of the successful R 984 C has been on the market for almost two years. With its Litronic Plus control system, the self-developed and self-manufactured cylinders and the excavation bucket, which in the backhoe configuration has a volume of 8.3 m³ and 8 m³ in the bottom-dump bucket version, the R 9150 guarantees high excavating forces, good penetration and excellent fill factors under demanding conditions. A V12 diesel engine, which harmonises perfectly with the latest engine management system also benefits the R 9150 with fast cycle times and so increases productivity.
Operators of both large excavators enjoy the advantage of the optimum ease of maintenance thanks to the excellent arrangement of the service points for a quick and safe servicing and maintenance. Moreover, the modern, spacious cabins with panoramic windows, electro-hydraulic controls, new machine monitoring system and adjustable air-suspension seat an ideal, performance-enhancing work environment.

Doggedness and wear resistance

The job of the Z-tooth system of the Liebherr Mining Ground Engaging Tools (GET) range is to increase the performance of large excavators. At the same time it completes the mining excavation bucket design of the manufacturer in its cost-effectiveness, because the self-sharpening tooth design maintains efficient penetration into the material over its entire service life. Wing shrouds and corner wear caps have been designed according to a standard reference allowing each model size to be fully interchangeable and so reducing the spare parts inventory.
The three different tooth profiles (CL, CR and P) of the Z system series of the GET solution were optimised for different operating conditions – from well-blasted material to very hard ground – and are suitable for backhoes and face shovels from R 9100 up to R 9400.
The patented Z tooth system consists of tooth adapter, tooth, securing bolt with a locking mechanism and an elastomer plug. All that is required to replace the teeth is one simple tool. That it has earned the name ‘hammerless system’ after being used in very tough conditions, is also demonstrated steinexpo.
Visitors to steinexpo can get all the information on the capabilities and power of the Liebherr giants and tooth systems at the Liebherr stand. Their application strength the equipment displays several time a day in hands-on demonstrations in the joint demo in area E of the quarry.