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When the game gets tough, FAE is here for you

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan is a great land of forestry and prairies


The weather is extremely cold in winter and very hot in summer, thus making work on infrastructures extreme. The professional workers of the Rural Municipality Wilton, a company specialized in in maintaining dirt and gravel road, know this work well.

Rural Municipality Milton’s CEO, Mr. Darren Elder, said his company has 60 employees and a fleet of 130 machines that operate and maintain 700 kms (440 mi) of roads. For this work, Art Hunger, Operation Manager, chooses FAE’s MTH model as this unit “allows us to get the job done in three passes to cover the width of the road (7 m. / 21 ft). The two MTH units fully equipped with every option offered by FAE allow for great preparation and full depth reclamation of the road base” he stated. 

The two machines were supplied by G.B. Equipement Co. - an authorized FAE distributor for central and eastern Canada (SK-MB-ON-QC-NB-NS-NL-PEI).

The FAE MTH machines are able to crush rocks, stabilize and do full depth reclamation. This is a huge step forward for Rural Municipality Wilton as their previous work method consisted of picking up rocks from the road, moving them to a plant to be crushed and bringing them back onsite. “With the MTH machines we can do all this in one pass onsite and even get a better final product. This is a solution that requires less work, less time and gives us a better result. This is a great solution for the considerable size of our projects,” says Mr. Darren Elder.

A little information about Rural Municipality Wilton, Canada - Annual revenue CAD$49 mill.

Rural Municipality Wilton owns 2 x MTH units equipped with full optionals and water spray systems, mounted on two Case Rowtrac 380 tractors (380Hp transmission CVT - tracked tractors allowing for better traction and less ground pressure).

Source: FAE GROUP S.p.A.