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When the going gets tough: Galaxy LHD 500 SDS launched at BAUMA

Made to endure the extreme / LHD 500 SDS (Severe Duty Solid) is a new Galaxy masterpiece / Putting the power of wheel loaders to the ground for reliable traction / Special compounds for effective cut & heat resistance for longer life


The new Galaxy LHD 500 SDS is yet another traction and durability masterpiece made by Alliance Tire Group’s Galaxy brand, and introduced on the occasion of BAUMA 2019. This Severe Duty Solid (SDS) tire was specifically engineered to reliably cope with extreme working environments. Designed to effectively turn the power of wheel loaders into traction, the LHD 500 SDS offers low wear, a long service life and maximum productivity.

With the LHD 500 SDS, ATG further extends its already impressive solid tires portfolio for material handling, construction, mining and waste management applications.

“Application specific, purpose built”

This general claim for Galaxy tires also applies to the innovative Galaxy LHD 500 SDS. This solid tire was specifically developed for heavy duty industrial operations. The robust overall construction with a deliberate traction tread pattern provides excellent grip. The special tread compounds not only effectively protect the LHD 500 SDS against cuts, thus avoiding costly downtimes, but also ensure low and even wear with minimal heat build-up. In addition, its high lug to void ratio provides excellent machine stability and increases the service life.

Designed to withstand harsh terrains and extreme conditions, the BAUMA novelty LHD 500 SDS ensures lowest cost of operation and maximum productivity. The single row aperture enhances the riding comfort and also contributes to minimising the heat build-up. Build for drop down rim operation, currently 3 sizes are available in LHD 500 SDS: Tire size 14.00-24 for rim 10.00-24, tire size 14.00-25 for rim 10.00-25, and tire size 17.5-25 for rim 14.00-25.

Galaxy Solid Range for long service life at tough conditions

In various operations such as in waste management, metal recycling, construction & demolition sites, mining etc., where punctures in pneumatic tires are the primary mode of equipment downtime, Galaxy’s Severe Duty Solid tires offer three to four times the service life of pneumatic tires.

Full rubber construction and special compounds ensure high resistance to abrasion whilst steel wire creel beads provide the necessary strength to handle high torques and eliminate slippage of the rim. The three-stage construction including a central cushion layer ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

The Galaxy range of solid tires also includes renowned treads such as Hulk SDS, Beefy Baby SDS, Super Smooth SDS for skid steer loaders as well as Yardmaster SDS and Liftop SDS for material handling with heavy forklifts.

All in all, ATG already has the most extensive tire portfolio in the industry: Almost 3,000 SKUs are available and have contributed to the excellent reputation of Alliance Tire Group. By further expanding the solid tire segment, ATG will be able to offer innovative solutions for even more machines, applications, and tire sizes.

Source: Alliance Tire Europe BV