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Wide range of applications with AMICO F front hopper

AMICO F front hopper, versatility for all applications and makes
PÖTTINGER Landtechnik Europe
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AMICO F front hopper, versatility for all applications and makes


Transport large volumes a long way


The new AMICO F front hopper in combination with the TERRIA stubble cultivators offers the possibility to apply fertiliser and sow a cover crop at the same time. The capacity of 1,700 or 2,400 litres and a division of 60:40 ensures a wide range of applications. The hopper is available with one or two metering units for mixing different components.

Highest flexibility

To ensure convenient operation, the AMICO F front hopper is equipped with ISOBUS as standard. The material is applied using a single shoot process with a pressurised hopper system. One or two metering units can be controlled site-specifically by the intelligent control system. Furthermore, the hopper can also be used no problem together with third-party equipment thanks to the ISOBUS control system.

Convenient operation

The metering units are easily accessible from the front, so the metering wheels can be changed quickly. A shut-off plate makes swapping the metering wheels even easier. Calibration can be performed conveniently from the ground using a calibration button. An additional loading platform makes it easier to fill the hopper. A large pressure-tight fitting is provided for emptying residual material.

Transport large volumes a long way

In order to be able to achieve long conveying distances, the AMICO F features a pressurised hopper system. This enables consistently high volumes of seed and fertiliser materials to be mixed and transported. A high level of reliability is also ensured because the seed and fertiliser are transported under pressure.

Versatile application capabilities

  • Sowing of a wide variety of cover crops

  • Direct fertilisation of the seed as a starter using the Single Shoot process

  • Sowing companion crops to control weed growth

  • Applying fertiliser deposits in autumn

  • Sowing different grass crops such as grass and clover simultaneously


Source: PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH