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WindEnergy in Hamburg

WindEnergy Hamburg 2018: KITO EUROPE sets its place in the global value chain

When the global players of the wind industry meet at WindEnergy in Hamburg from 25th to 28th September 2018, KITO EUROPE marks its position as a competent partner for construction and maintenance of wind turbines. The Japanese high-tech hoists are individually developed and designed according to requests of the wind turbine manufacturers.


Wind energy is not only booming in Europe. In terms of technological development and geographic distribution, it has become a global success story. Right now, wind energy is used to generate electricity in more than 90 countries – and the trend is growing.

KITO EUROPE has been part of this trend for years, as the wind industry is one of the most important business fields for customized products – the construction of wind turbines doesn’t demand for standardized hoists. According to customer request, intelligent special solutions are developed that can master all working steps in load handling and material flow when building wind turbines. The advantage of KITO products: KITO is the only manufacturer worldwide producing nickel-plated chains, which means higher corrosion resistance and a longer life compared to other load chains.

KITO EUROPE presents its specialized electric chain hoists for wind turbine services at WindEnergy in Hamburg:

When creating ER2 WIND electric chain hoist, KITO adapted the industrial design of the ER2 electric chain hoist and used its knowledge gained from projects with wellknown wind turbine manufacturers from all over the world. The result is a robust hoist that can be adapted to customer requirements and is used for transporting loads both inside and outside wind turbines. The hoist lifts heights of up to 150 m, has a lifting capacity of up to 800 kg (when installed in the cable car of the wind turbine) and a lifting speed of up to 28 m per minute. Further lifting heights, load capacities and lifting speeds are available on request.

ER2 WIND electric chain hoist

Following this model, the single-phase KITO ED WIND electric chain hoist was designed for simple lifting processes. It is light and robust as well as weather and corrosion resistant, with lifting heights up to 100 m. The maximum load is 480 kg.

KITO ED WIND electric chain hoist

If neither space nor electricity are available for precise operations, KITO manual chain hoists can be used for general assembly and maintenance work:


KITO lever hoist LB stands out with its high performance and is especially designed for heavy traction, lifting and tensioning applications; it can handle even the most difficult challenges. The lighter KITO LX lever hoist allows extremely precise lifting and is perfect for tasks like fastening, fixing and positioning loads in the light-load range. It handles easily and effectively loads up to 250 kg or 500 kg. The lever hoist is mainly used when filigree parts have to be assembled in a small space or at different working heights.

KITO LB and  KITO LX lever hoist

KITO CB hand chain hoist is able to manage the toughest applications – its little brother KITO CX mini hand chain hoist is one of the smallest and lightest hoists and is the preferred choice when the technician has to carry the hoist with him for reparations. The small tool is available in two variants with a load capacity of 250 kg or 500 kg. Overload protection (with slip clutch) is standard.


Source: Kito Europe GmbH