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Wirtgen SP 90 series: Top-quality paving of large concrete slabs

Inset slipform pavers are ideal for cost-efficient production of large concrete pavements, for instance on highly resilient highways and runways. Their individual configuration and cutting-edge machine technology make them ideal for every application. With their SP 90 series, Wirtgen has launched two new mid-range inset pavers which meet all the requirements for successful concrete paving.

Large variety of applications assured by modular design


The SP 94/SP 94i – a completely modular inset version with four steerable, swiveling crawler tracks – and the SP 92/SP 92i (with two crawler tracks) make up the new SP 90 series from WIRTGEN. Both models pave concrete surfacing up to 450 mm thick and between 3.5 m and 9.5 m wide with great precision. Numerous options, such as the dowel bar inserter (DBI), tie bar and lateral tie bar inserter, as well as different slipform systems tailored to the regional requirements for inset applications worldwide, allow the SP 90 series to be configured for a whole range of applications. Precision paving is a key advantage of both the SP 94/SP 94i and the SP 92/SP 92i, as is their intuitive and highly convenient operation. What's more, transport is a great deal easier thanks to the slipform pavers' fully modular design.

Advanced machine features for cost-efficient and precise paving

The SP 90 series owes its tremendous appeal not only to its large variety of uses, but also to its high cost-efficiency and productivity, not to mention its numerous useful functions.

Demand-optimized Eco mode engine management, for instance, reduces both fuel consumption and noise levels by adjusting power output to meet on-site requirements. The 3D interface Easy Connect ensures reliable compatibility with 3D control systems from all leading manufacturers and is therefore future-proof. Like the compact Wirtgen slipform pavers SP 15/ SP 15i and SP 25/SP 25i, the SP 90 series also features the latest generation of machine control systems from Wirtgen. For instance, the machine control system automatically identifies the applicable machine configuration and sets the optimum machine parameters in each case. A standard interface additionally permits connection to the customer's own fleet management system. Smooth Slope is an electronic tilt control system supplied by Wirtgen. It ensures short machine response times enabling top-quality, high-precision concrete paving. All in all, these and other technologies give the customer a high level of application security, ensuring precise and cost-efficient concrete paving.

SP 90 series: Mid-range inset pavers

The range of slipform pavers supplied by Wirtgen includes 12 models. The SP 90 series is positioned between the very large inset pavers with a maximum paving width of up to 16 m and the new SP 60 series of pavers with paving widths up to 6 m (7.5 m without DBI).

Source: Wirtgen GmbH