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With Precision Hoisting, ZOOMLION Tower Crane Helps with Success of FAST Known as Eye of the world

FAST, with largest single caliber (500m) in the world, was completed days ago, which took 22 years to finalize site selection and construction. The project was spearheaded by National Astronomical Observatories, the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is now in the stage of debugging and trial observation.


Also known as Eye of the World, FAST is assembled with more than 400,000 reflective panels in the height of more than 100 meters above the ground. Hoisting was the most difficult work in the construction process and three tower cranes of ZOOMLION TC6013 spent more than one year completing the task.

The project needed to assemble more than 400,000 small reflective panels into larger ones with different specifications. The curves consisting of these small panels have 120m2-space at most in a single piece, weighing more than one ton at most and having different forms, thus making them easy to get deformed. The three TC6013 tower cranes hoisted the panels to the height of several hundred meters before installing them precisely in the valley with fierce wind.

Before this, the many engineering cranes of ZOOMLION also participated in other construction tasks of FAST. The QAY300 all-terrain crane, QY80V, QY55V truck cranes reach perfect balance in terms of control performance, working speed, action smoothness and fretting performance.

“Our products use brand-new four-bridge truck crane chassis while holistically upgrading control performance, thus increasing power and ensuring stable and reliable driving, great adaptability to different working conditions and complete functions. Besides, the unique safety protection tactics also guarantee absolute safety in hoisting process. The machines have perfect performance in fretting, working efficiency, energy consumption and response speed of the system.”

Source: Zoomlion