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World first: Underground high-voltage lines quick and environmentally friendly installation

At BAUMA 2019 the Foeckersperger Group presents with the FOECK


FSP 280, an installation plough in combination with the FWF 92 pulling vehicle, makes it possible to lay underground cables up to 525KV more efficiently than ever before.

To lay high-voltage lines with cover plates and warning tape up to 2.5 meters completely in one step, you need either an excavator, a lot of time and money, or you choose the innovative FSP 280 FOECK laying plough with the FWF 92 towing vehicle. Due to the enormous tractive forces of up to 380 tons, even thick high-voltage lines can be laid quickly and safely in the ground with the FOECK laying system.

The patented FOECK installation system, which has recently impressively demonstrated its possibilities for laying underground high-voltage roads at TenneT in Holland, consists of a FOECK winch vehicle (FWF 92) which pulls the ultimate FOECK installation plough (FSP 280) with a constant force. In contrast to the classic laying technique using an excavator, the laying element on the plough blade displaces the soil at a depth of up to 2.5 metres, smooths the laying base and lays one or more cables safely in the created cavity in a single operation. Cover plates and route warning tapes at different heights can be inserted above the cable in the same operation to ensure reliable protection of the high-voltage lines during later digging work. In this way, with the FOECK system, the same route that used to take months can be achieved in just one week. And all this while protecting the environment at the same time.

Since cable ploughing technology has established itself in recent years as an efficient and reliable laying technology for cables and pipes, the machines of world market leader Walter Föckersperger alone have been able to lay over 400,000 km worldwide. The enormous available forces of up to 380 tons of the largest FOECK ploughing system are constantly opening up new applications, such as the underground laying of high-voltage lines. This new laying system primarily benefits the environment. The high laying speed results in low pollutant emissions and very short noise emission times. Clients and contractors also save time and money. 


Source: Walter Föckersperger GmbH