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Leica Geosystems Automatic tilt control on engcon tiltrotators

World News - Engcon tilts automatically with Leica Geosystems

In collaboration with world-leading tiltrotator manufacturer Engcon, Leica Geosystems has developed iXE CoPilot, an auto-tilt function. Used in combination with a 2D or 3D excavator guidance system, Engcon's DC2 control system and ePS (engcon Positioning System) this revolutionary development enables the tilt function on a tiltrotator to be handled automatically.

“We are proud to collaborate with Engcon to deliver an automatic tilt function”, says Nick Guadagnoli, Program Manager, Earth Moving Solutions at Leica Geosystems.
“Our new Leica iXE CoPilot auto tilt system together with an Engcon tiltrotator offer the best of both worlds when it comes to streamlining excavator operation”, he continues

DC2 control system

In simple terms, an excavator guidance system creates a digital and three-dimensional drawing of an area that needs to be dug. The drawing is then displayed on a large screen in the cab where the excavator operator can also see the bucket position, where to dig and what depths and slopes are to be achieved.

"Automated excavator functions are becoming more common and as the leading manufacturer of tiltrotators we believe it makes sense for us to contribute with our technology to increase profitability still further”, says Fredrik Jonsson, head of development at the Engcon Group.

Source: ENGCON