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World premiere at SIMA: ATG has presented the Alliance 380 Flotation Radial in size 800/60R32

Outstanding Flotation Radial for broad range of heavy duty tasks


Alliance’s 380 Flotation Radial series is renowned for excellent performance characteristics, both on- and off-road, and radial construction at its best. With the 380 Flotation Radial in size 800/60R32, ATG now presents the new size available for trailers, tankers, sprayers and loaders.

Being the first Flotation Radial pattern of Alliance at the time of its launch, the 380 series since earned enormous respect and appreciation for the performance on both agricultural and construction machinery. With the targeted development of this tire in the new top size 800/60R32, Alliance now provides a convincing answer to the challenges which go hand in hand with the development of ever larger trailers, tankers and sprayers.

Preserving soils is key

Maintaining high levels of soil fertility and avoiding soil damage due to compaction remain at the forefront of ATG’s tire development engineers. That is where the tire’s large volume comes into play, as the large volume enables high load carrying capacity and an adequately low inflation pressure. These characteristics ensure excellent flotation, minimised soil compaction and rolling resistance as well as reduced fuel consumption during road transport.

Tread characteristics of all sizes of the 380 Flotation Radial include massive centre blocks on the centre line of the tire for superior road performance and stability. At the same time, the rounded shoulders of these tires further minimise soil damage in the field.

Robust and well suited for a broad range of applications

The optimal lug angle of these tires and the high tread depth provide effective grip and traction. Due to size and form of inter-lug spaces, tires of the Alliance 380 series offer excellent self-cleaning properties. That is yet another reason why these tires received such strong appreciation in agriculture and construction ever since the first sizes were introduced in the market. In addition to hard surfaces on roads, also fields and muddy working environments such as those frequently encountered by heavy slurry tankers, large silage trailers, dumpers for soil and sand transport are ‘the home’ of the 380 Flotation Radial.

The strong nylon carcass, steel belts and particularly durable rubber compounds ensure a long and efficient service life under on- and off-road conditions. The steel enforcements make these tires particularly resistant to punctures and potential damage caused by stubbles in the field, thus avoiding costly and time-consuming downtimes.

Source: Alliance Tire Europe BV