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World Premiere at the 2013 Bauma: Liebherr TA 240 Articulated Dump Truck



With its new TA 240 Litronic, Liebherr is using the 2013 Bauma trade fair to introduce another model in its articulated dump truck range. The successful launch of the 30-tonne TA 230 is now followed by a model in the 40-tonne category – Liebherr’s response to growing market demand for complete programmes from a single source for the loading and transport of various materials.

As with the TA 230 Litronic, the model designation includes the payload in metric tons. With a load capacity of 40 t and a dumper body volume of 27 m³ with rear flap the TA 240 has been ideally planned for the fast, cost-effective transport of large volumes of bulk material. The dumper body is specially shaped to speed up discharge of the contents.

Powerful driveline, innovative retarder

The three HD axles have been designed for strength and stability, and are the ideal basis for the exceptionally high-performance 6 x 6 driveline with automatic transmission, torque converter and converter lockup clutch. This new articulated dump truck is driven by a powerful Liebherr D 9508 V8 diesel engine with SCR system and a displacement of 16.2 litres. It complies with Stage IIIB / Tier 4i exhaust emission limits and has an output of 350 kW (476 hp). With this power available, the dump truck can reach speeds of up to 57 km/h on level surfaces. When reversing, maximum speed is limited electronically to 16 km/h.

A high-performance retarder makes the vehicle safer and more convenient off-road, and also helps keep operating costs low. The retarder’s braking action can be continuously varied and the desired value preselected. This is a very useful option, for instance if the vehicle is regularly used on the same downhill route. As soon as the driver takes his foot off the accelerator pedal, the engine brake and retarder are activated – with no delay and with the braking effect previously selected. At the end of the downhill gradient the retarder shuts down automatically, but the previous braking level remains available when selected again.

The wet-type oil-cooled multi-disc brakes are operated only when the TA 240 comes to a halt for loading and discharging or if an emergency brake application is needed.

All maintenance and servicing work on the new TA 240 can be completed with minimum loss of time. The driver’s cab and the engine hood can be tilted electro-hydraulically for quick, safe access to all maintenance points.

Functional design, bold styling

The new Liebherr TA 240 dump truck catches the eye immediately with its striking design and the driver’s cab with its exceptionally large window area. The restyled, extremely spacious cab offers the driver maximum comfort and convenience, and complies with the ROPS/FOPS safety standard. Visibility is excellent through the large windows, so that the dump truck can be positioned quickly and safely for loading or discharge. The ergonomically designed, air-sprung driver’s seat is standard equipment and can be adjusted individually to suit the driver’s size and weight.

The controls for the automatic transmission and retarder, and also the tipping control levers, are very responsive in operation, so that precision control of the dump truck presents no problems. Thanks to the well laid out, easily legible display unit with touch-screen function, an innovative Liebherr PME electronic component developed in-house, the driver can check the vehicle’s operating condition at any time without being distracted from the driving task. As an option, the display can show images from the standard Liebherr front- and rear-view cameras or details of current temperature, engine speed, air conditioning, daily operating hours, number of discharge movements or number of operating hours.

A further feature contributing to comfort are the high-quality spring-damper units on the front axle, which are rated to withstand the most arduous operating tasks. The level of ride quality that they provide also helps maintain the driver’s concentration during long, demanding work sessions.

Liebherr components for key technologies

As on many other Liebherr construction machines, key technical functions on the new TA 240 are performed by components developed and manufactured at various Liebherr competence centres.

Liebherr’s reliable hydraulic cylinders, which have proved highly successful in tough construction-machinery operating conditions, are used to perform tipping and steering movements on the new articulated dump truck. Thanks to its powerful hydraulic dumper body actuating rams, the TA 240 can discharge its full load reliably in only 12 seconds and return to the lowered position within a further 8 seconds. Equally successful in ensuring directional stability and reliable steering in all circumstances, even when crossing very difficult terrain, are the steering rams; these too are developed and manufactured in-house by Liebherr

Electrical and electronic items such as wiring harnesses, cameras, the touch-screen display, other controls and the central machinery control unit are also of Liebherr’s own manufacture.

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