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XCMG Exports 13 Road Rollers to the US

13 CV123U road rollers were recently exported to North America. They were a batch of “customized” vibratory rollers tailor-made by XCMG Road Machinery Business Unit to meet the needs of North American market users. Highly recognized by American users for their compaction capability, efficiency and reliability, these products (road rollers) are adding significant weight to XCMG’s effort in building a market presence in North America. From the 1990s when China began to sell its construction machinery products to high-end markets to becoming a leader in sales volume of large-tonnage rollers today, XCMG Road Machinery Business Unit has played a leading role in China’s compaction machinery industry to shoulder the responsibility of building China’s manufacturing power. By constantly improving the product quality and deep plowing “Plan L”, the unit has achieved great success and strong recognition in the global market, with its products winning good reputation among users in China and the US/European markets.