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XCMG G-generation XCT55L5

Back to two months ago on April 18th in Xuzhou, a scientific and technological feast of the crane industry was carried out in full swing. XCMG’s G-generation crane products once again subvert the understanding of Chinese crane throughout the industry.


Three concatenate lifting -- XCMG uses a very cool method to demonstrate incisively and vividly the strong lifting and balance performance of the G-generation products. Such aesthetic is a grand beauty with distillation and noble quality. Before the tall XCA550, XCT55 and XCT8 look so delicate.

From QY50K, the witness of the youth of old generation lifting workers, to QY50KA, the classic version of K series and today's G-generation XCT55L5. The 55-ton crane has left a thick trace in the family planning and development of XCMG cranes.

XCT55L5 carries the unique temperament of the G-generation products. The blue "honeycomb" with shiny gold color emphases the high quality. The white character with blue color highlights the noble temperament. The soft but hard line embodies the aesthetic feeling of engineering mechanics of firmness and flexibility.

The 44.5-meter-long main arm exceeds other five knuckle arms of similar products. The sequential expansion has updated to any expansion, increasing the work conditions of the main arm to 15, 1 times more than similar products. With the same length, the XCT55L5 has higher stability performance.

With the low speed and high torque power system, its maximum speed can reach 90km/h, over 10% faster than that of similar products. Strong engine power gives greater climbing ability to easily across a 45 degree slope. With these achievements, XCMG created the industry’s first gold chain featured by low speed, large torque and low fuel consumption, increasing the fuel efficiency by 15%.

The new human-computer interaction system creates a new intelligent crane operation mode. The real-time display of pressure/working hour and 7 inch true color touch screen show its high quality. The integrated panel and a multifunctional control button make the work more efficient. Automatic work condition planning, hoisting information input and simple work condition recommendation bring safe, efficient and intelligent operation experience. In addition, the new energy-saving hydraulic system makes the lifting smoother and more precise. The dual pump converging technology brings faster and more efficient work. According to special demands, customers can install the industry leading energy recovery technology for higher efficiency.

XCMG’s five major intelligence platforms, including Full Value Chain Big Data Intelligent Analysis and Decision-making Platform, Global Collaboration PDM Platform, High-end Smart Technology Platform, Intelligent + Lean Manufacturing MES Platform, and Global Networking Intelligent Housekeeper Platform, focus on 15 core technologies to create high value, high safety, high efficiency, and sustainable equipment for customers. XCMG G1 generation crane has the most richly nature-endowed advantages leading the engineering machinery industry 4.0 era. It is believed that the G1 generation products will undertake the glorious history of the K series, leading the engineering crane industry towards a more brilliant tomorrow.