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XCMG Leverages Advanced Technologies in the Hoisting Machinery Sector with its Core Components and Parts

On April 18, XCMG released its full series of G1 products, which are fruits of XCMG’s years of unceasing innovative endeavors and boast many world-leading technologies. The release of the G1 products has brought great attention once again to the “bearish and unpromising” hoisting machinery sector in the sluggish market condition. It has been achieved after the issues of being IT-enabled intelligent, light-weighted, human-centric and energy-saving have been resolved one by one. With launching of G1 products onto the market, the Business Department, initiated a calling on the industry to develop technologies of being “Scientific, Intelligent, Energy-saving, High-quality, High-efficiency, and High-performance”. As it known to all, behind launching of news products, each achievement has been strongly supported by core components and parts, be it the four sophisticated technological platforms or the fifteen technological innovations. Thanks to its tremendous efforts in technological innovations, the Company has cast off the developmental shackles and embarked on an independent R & D road, where it gives priority to both the platforms and technology. 


Demise in the Sector: Chinese manufacturing plants are assembling plants in essence

Development and production of the core components has always been the weakness in China’s construction machinery industry. “China is capable of producing an atomic bomb as big as the size of a human body; however, it is incapable of producing a hydraulic valve as small as the size of a heart. In some cases, it is those seemingly unremarkable hydraulic parts and control components that have prevented the Chinese enterprises from reaching the technological commanding height. In other words, without those core components, no one is capable of shaking up the entire high-tech even if amidst the wave of technologies,” a Chinese expert and scholar states. 

Indeed, when you open a construction machinery product labeled with a Chinese brand name, you will discover imported parts like engine, clutch, control system, core components, and even the bolts used at some key areas. Overly high dependence on imported parts has reflected the painful reality of being large but not strong which is facing the China’s construction machinery industry. How to take off the hat of “assembling plants” and to achieve the goal of products “Invented in China”, the Business Department has devoted itself to scientific and technological innovations of the core components, improving the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises with technological innovations and rebuilding their names internationally.

Despite its ups and downs, XCMG is committed to independent R& D

From China’s first Q5 crane to today’s full-series G1 products, each innovation symbolizes the Business Department’s unremitting pursuit of core components development, and unveils the hardships endured by them on the independent R & D road. Prior to 2001, XCMG produced three major structural components while they selected and purchased mature components produced by other manufacturers to assemble a crane with regards to most of the remaining components. At the beginning of 2001, the Business Department began to independently design parts and components including DQ series multiple unit valve according to their product performance and produced the parts in collaboration with outsourcing manufacturers. Thanks to its 16 years of endless efforts, X CMG launched its full-series G1 products in April, 2016, the core components of the electric system, hydraulic system, and transmission system of the new G1 products are all designed and produced by XCMG independently. Moreover, it has developed a series of core technologies. By carrying out R & D independently and manufacturing the core components, the Business Department has been playing a leading role in products and technologies, and laying a firm foundation for China hoisting machinery industry to compete internationally.

As early as several years ago, the Business Department came to realize the importance of independent R & D and manufacturing of core components. “In 2010, the Company set up a components application institution. In the following year, it established a components research institution. In 2013, it further improved functional and organizational mechanism and built up a core components platform that integrates R & D, manufacturing, and testing”, said a senior executive of the Company’s components research institution. Since then, the platform has been playing an important role in R & D, technical innovation, manufacturing, testing and technical know-how reserve of the hydraulic and electric core components. R & D, manufacturing and testing have formed an “Iron Triangle” and support one another, enabling XCMG to overcome all the hurdles on the road of core components development. 

“It has been challenging for XCMG to travel on the road of independent R & D and manufacturing. At the very beginning, the Company started off by dismantling and drawing the map of the imported components for technical reservation, and moved on to carry out simulation and localization of the imported components, and independently designed components according to their special requests, and later on, it formulated the company and industrial standards. There were hardships and challenges at each step of the way. Take the cable drum for example, prior to completing the design and finalizing the products, dozens of cable materials were sampled and selected and millions of tests were performed as each element of the cable drum must be tested”, said a project manager emotionally when reflecting on the Company’s R & D development course.  

Through its years of countless efforts and devotions, XCMG released its G1 products in 2016. The core components including a pump motor, the control elements and cable drums have gained recognition in the sector, supported with more than ten national patents and one international patent. 

Upholding the spirit “Shoulder responsibilities and act with moral”, XCMG not only demonstrates its strength in traditional technologies by releasing its G1 products, but also leads the hoisting machinery industry with its “Intelligent, Light weighted, Human-centric and Energy-saving” core components. In the hoisting machinery industry and other fields, XCMG is determined to win the battle of against homogeneous products and low-end product competitions and taking the lead in the industry globally.