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XCMG's Series K Backhoe Loaders Exported to AUS for First Time

XT870H (Series K) backhoe loaders, independently developed by XCMG Earth Moving Machinery Business Unit, has recently been exported to Australia for the first time, marking the debut of such products in the international high-end market, showing the recognition of the high added value and technology content of XCMG's backhoe loaders from the high-end market.

As a developed country, Australia has robust demand for small construction machinery. As China's first backhoe loader manufacturer, XCMG has rich manufacturing experience and a complete product lineup. With a lot of implements, XCMG's backhoe loaders can meet different working conditions. The first-time export of backhoe loaders to Australia marks a quality and technology breakthrough of XCMG's products in the high-end market, and shows the brand image of XCMG's backhoe loaders in the high-end market. Speeding up the export of products to the high-end market will help the business unit improve its profitability.