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XCMG Truck, Doctor of Vehicle

Why does XCMG manufacture trucks? Many people asked the question previously. They do not believe that an engineering machinery enterprise is able to manufacture quality trucks. 


Why doesn’t XCMG manufacture trucks? Persons in XCMG often asked the question previously. They believe that the technical expert in special chassis is able to manufacture trucks. 

Join the common truck team to jointly promote the global position

China has two leading projects in global industry, namely, the high speed railway and engineering machinery. Chinese high speed railway and engineering machinery have ranked among top ones in the world. 

Many products of XCMG rank the first in global engineering machinery industry. XCMG has promoted China to a new high in the world with the global largest mining truck, all terrain crane and crawling crane. Moreover, it acquires a competitor Sehwing, the leading player in global concrete machinery industry, and Germany FT and Netherlands’ AMCA in Europe, the world’s top precision hydraulic parts manufactures. It also establishes independent R&D centers in Europe and North America. XCMG’s sales in crane truck have ranked the first for years, and the overseas market share of some other products has also been the first among domestic brands, especially that the overseas market share of crane truck, large-duty and medium-sized loader as well as large-duty and medium-sized road roller exceeds 10%, and the company is far ahead of other Chinese common truck enterprises. 

Globally, XCMG surpasses enterprises in Europe, the U.S. and Japan in special vehicle sector, ranking the top in the world. But in the sector of common vehicles, Chinese enterprises still lag behind the truck companies in Europe, the U.S. and Japan.

What brings XCMG current success? The answer is “spirit” and “thoughts”. “It undertakes important tasks and develops in the broad market to grow up as a successful one” and “it is the world’s top enterprise and is the pride of Chinese people”. In Chinese industry, XCMG represents Chinese enterprises and takes the lead in establishing such value and ambition. Any one will realize the achievements he seeks for. In its sector, XCMG is on behalf of China, and more and more its products are approaching the top of the world. 

With the spirit of reaching the peak of the world, XCMG “Hanran” is launched in the sector of heavy truck, the common transport vehicle with its numerous special vehicles leading the world, and it intends to accelerate the promotion of Chinese truck industry’s global position together with other common truck enterprises.

“Reclusive doctor of vehicle” and “postgraduate” in special chassis

XCMG can manufacture almost all vehicles that are made in Chinese common truck enterprises; however, a majority of common truck enterprises fail to manufacture the special vehicles with higher technical difficulty made by XCMG. It demonstrates the difference between “special” and “common” technical level and difficulty. XCMG has been in the global leading position in many special chassis vehicles, and is far ahead of other Chinese common truck enterprises. 

New benchmark of global mining heavy truck – 

XCMG has the most complete series of heavy mining transport vehicles globally, including series off-center cab 6X4 platform heavy mining truck, series heavy articulated dump truck and series heavy electric drive mining dump truck. Its heavy mining transport vehicle technology is unrivaled domestically and is becoming the new benchmark in global heavy mining transport vehicles. The 400t DE400 heavy mining truck has surpassed Europe, the U.S. and Japan as a representative product of China, and has created a new global high.

Global leader in hoisting and transport vehicle – 

Series hoisting and transport vehicle is always the strength of XCMG, and the company is leading the world in chassis and upload manufacturing. For example, XCA5000 all terrain crane adopts 9-axle all terrain special chassis, 18×10×18 electronic control multi-mode drive and steering, dual power time-sharing five-axis driving, with “multiple braking integrated management” and “axle load real-time monitoring early warning” system, and the technical content of chassis outdistances common trucks. With the maximum lifting load of 1600t, it ranks the first in the world. 

XCMG lorry-mounted crane realizes the perfect integration of XCMG’s special chassis for heavy truck and China’s first wheel-type hoisting mechanical technology, and the sales have been the first in the industry for years. As the only brand of lorry-mounted crane chassis and integration of upload manufacturing, XCMG is becoming the new leader in the world on behalf of China.

Global leader in mixer truck – 

XCMG, with the special chassis for heavy truck, and Germany Sehwing, the leader in global concrete machinery industry and is controlled by XCMG, cooperate to realize perfect technical integration. With leading sales globally, the cooperation between the Chinese and Germany first-class enterprises develops XCMG as the new leader in global mixer truck sector. 

New force of Chinese heavy transport vehicle – 

XCMG also performs outstandingly in heavy transport vehicle sector. For example, XCMG TY900S beam-transporting vehicle is specially manufactured for transporting 20m, 24m and 32m double line whole-hole concrete ballasted and ballastless beams in Chinese high speed railway passenger dedicated line with the speed of 350km and 250km per hour, and the maximum load capacity is 900t; the company makes great contribution to construction of Chinese high-speed railway. 

“Lightning speed” comes from “starting from peak”

Between January and April in 2016, XCMG realizes the rare growth rate as a dark horse in the development history of Chinese heavy truck industry, with the growth rate in sales of tractor as high as 822%. In the second year when XCMG’s heavy truck production base in High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Xuzhou with the overall planned area of 3,000mu and an area of 1,160mu for Phase I is put into operation, the company ranks among the top ten in the industry, surpassing many old brands of heavy truck with years’ development and greatly shocking the industry. 

The achievement benefits from its strategy of “start from the peak”. HANVAN tractor, a leading product launched in the market, is positioned as a high-end vehicle from the start. HANVAN G900 tractor debuted in 2016 Beijing Auto Show, and it broke the technical idea in Chinese heavy truck industry for years by considering active and passive safety as well as driving comfort and comprehensively introducing the idea and technology of passenger vehicle; the vehicle was honored as tractor with “the highest configuration in the Beijing Auto Show”. XCMG starts from the peak of industry, which is driven by higher objective and stronger special technical strength.

It is widely believed in the industry that XCMG is an “aggressor” when it is involved in common truck sector, and it will give full play to its advantages to be a “special troop” that cannot be realized by the “conventional forces” in Chinese truck industry, as well as to be a more friendly “orderly”. It indicates that China will “defeat” all “orderlies” in the world in heavy special vehicle industry, and XCMG, a “postgraduate” in various sophisticated vehicle chassis, a “doctor of vehicle” in sectors of highway, non-highway and special vehicles, and a leader in the industry with seventy years’ development integrating thoughts, more powerful strength and special technology, amazingly marches into the common transport vehicle sector with the objectives of serving the country, reaching the peak of the industry and benefiting the world, decades of technology accumulation in various special chassis’s with high difficulty, as well as consistent inheritance of “safety, reliability, comfort, efficiency, economy, heavy load”! We are waiting to see the new high of Chinese truck sector with its appearance!