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XCMG Truck-mounted Crane Batch Exported to Africa

Recently, XCMG truck-mounted crane acquired a big order from overseas market. Relying on favorable performance and reliable reputation, 31 sets of truck-mounted cranes are exported to Africa in batches.

The ordered cranes, after configuration adjustment and adaptive improvement according to local hot weather in Africa, are able to operate stably for a long time under hot weather. After accepted, the client spoke highly of quality of XCMG truck-mounted cranes, and said they expected a long-term partnership in the future. This batch of truck-mounted cranes, under treatment of special rust-proof and anti-corrosion technology, will arrive at the vast African land before the New Year of 2016 after over 1 month’s journey on the ocean, and will support construction of Africa one behalf of machines made in China. This successful cooperation shows XCMG products’ excellent performance , advanced technology and good service in international market, which highlights responsibility of XCMG.