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XGT2T120 Widely Applied

In order to adapt to the market situation and meet the demands of "three vertical, three horizontal and one ring” UHV power transmission project of the State Grid, national key projects, key areas and emerging industries of strategic importance, XCMG, bearing the praise of national backbone, creates the double-arm tower crane after repeated demonstration and testing. It provides XCMG crane and XCMG Group with a new growth point in UHV construction, and fills the blank of XCMG in the field of UHV power transmission engineering.

Leading technology, industry pioneer

The double-arm tower crane applies the electric holding pole core technology, forming a complete set of holding pole technology for electric construction and providing complete solutions for grid construction and improving the electric holding pole products in UHV electrical tower construction. It, with two arms and two sets of complete hoisting system, realizes the synchronous operation and improves the efficiency. The kinds of products, with its superior performance and safe construction, are widely applied in UHV power transmission tower erection, and will gradually replace devices like traditional holding poles and inner suspended holding poles and become the mainstream products of the "three vertical, three horizontal and one ring” UHV power transmission project" of the State Grid.