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XLAB powered by Stenon – extraction-free soil analysis in real-time

A real time, extensive, yet extraction-free soil analysis of the highest standard. XLab powered by Stenon is the digital end-to-end solution that enables site-specific fertilizer spreading on a completely new level.


AGXTEND, a brand of CNH Industrial, in cooperation with Stenon GmbH, exclusively presents the new XLab real-time soil analysis. With XLab, Stenon and AGXTEND offer a completely new principle in soil analysis. This makes detailed soil analysis easier, more efficient and less expensive.

Revolutionary soil analysis tool

XLab powered by Stenon turns the world of soil analysis upside down. Instead of time-consuming laboratory analysis, XLab is able to analyze the soil within a few seconds - without extraction. The XLab device has similar proportions to a spade and is simply pushed into the soil at the spot to be sampled. Users can either specify the GPS coordinates in advance - XLab will point the way - or select a suitable location themselves. XLab was developed using innovative lightweight construction technology for fatigue-free working. The soil is removed at a depth of 0-30 cm, but can also be excavated to 30-60 or 60-90 cm.

Cloud-based solution

For the analysis, XLab powered by Stenon uses a newly developed sensor and cloud solution. Immediately after the measurement, the GPS position, time stamp and measurement data are transferred to the cloud. The measurement result then appears within seconds in the device-independent web interface. The user can then continue the measurement at the next measuring point. All collected data can be visualized easily and intuitively in the Stenon Web-App. In this way, the data can also be used for crop-specific or sub-area-specific fertilization. The legally-permitted maximum values defined in the fertilizer regulations are taken into account, and the fertilizer recommendation is then made available to the user and can be read directly by an ISOBUS fertilizer spreader. 

Comprehensive analysis

XLab powered by Stenon offers a comprehensive analysis for nutrients, soil health and the microclimate in order to provide the user with an optimal basis for decision making and to make site-specific fertilization even more efficient. 

Efficient, sustainable and resource-saving

Conventional collection of soil samples with analysis in the laboratory is highly time-consuming – time from sampling to the result can take up to eight weeks and can be costly. In addition to considerable time savings, XLab can reduce these costs by up to 78%. The system is also characterized by sustainability. There is no requirement for transport of samples to a laboratory, saving fuel and CO2. In addition, nothing more than the built-in sensor technology is required for analysis via XLab. While various chemicals and other consumables are used in the laboratory for conventional analysis, with XLab there is no need for these resources.

Fertilization according to demand

XLab powered by Stenon offers farmers a unique opportunity to carry out soil analyses according to their needs. As examples, this may be immediately before fertilizer application or during the cultivation phase, which means a significant increase in economic efficiency and ecological conservation. While the real-time availability of the analysis is a considerable advantage, so is the associated recommendation system. 

Stenon cultivates its own land for research and development purposes to guarantee the optimal data basis for decision support, and sub-area-specific fertilizer spreading thus takes on a whole new meaning. In combination with high-performance fertilizer application technology, it is now possible to spread exactly the quantity of fertilizer crops need to optimally increase biomass. This effectively avoids overfertilization, as fertilizer is only applied where it is necessary, resulting in a direct reduction of application. Easy monitoring of humus build-up means this new level of data availability can also help support regenerative agriculture.



XLab powered by Stenon will be available at all certified AGXTEND dealers from March 2020. The user purchases the hardware once, and each analysis is charged individually. Included in this charge are: access to the web interface, the entire recommendation system, unlimited provision of shape files and constant updates of the selected functions based on continuous research and development. The user has the choice between three different analysis packages (soil nutrient analysis, soil health and microclimate). The selected package can be adjusted monthly according to requirements.

Source: AGXTEND; AG AMS M&DC Europe