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Yale Announces New Productivity Enhancing Three-Wheel Stand for Extreme Environments

Yale Materials Handling Corporation announces that it will be launching the new ESC030AD three-wheel stand for demanding retail, cold storage and food processing environments. With enhanced ergonomic features and a new Clear View™ mast, the three-wheel stand allows operators to stack and transport pallets with ease, helping to increase operational productivity.

“The three-wheel stand is engineered for maximum performance in the most extreme environments, while also helping to optimize operator confidence and comfort,” said David McNeill, Manager of Product Strategy, Yale. “The features incorporated into the new three-wheel stand make it a competitive option for customers that require superior performance in a variety of applications and operating conditions.”

Equipped with a smart ride floor system, the three-wheel stand offers improved comfort by eliminating up to 65 percent of shock and vibrations transmitted to the operator from irregular floor surfaces, an advantage of 17 percent more isolation over the leading competitor. The system does not require adjustments for operator weight, and functions in environments with extreme temperatures and conditions like wash-down and food processing. Additionally, the trucks new side-stance control handle with proportional functionality enables precise load positioning, helping further improve operator confidence and productivity. 

The trucks Clear View mast delivers 20-40 percent greater visibility when compared to leading competitor configurations. With its unique nesting of mast channels, and relocated hoses and chain design, enhanced visibility is achieved. Additionally, the smaller 13” and 16” battery compartment offerings permit improved maneuverability in tight spaces, a critical feature for retail applications where product is transported through restricted aisle widths.

Source: Yale Europe Materials Handling