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Yale Invites Attendees to Break Free from Inefficiency with Innovative Solutions at ProMat 2017 Go to photo
Yale Invites Attendees to Break Free from Inefficiency with Innovative Solutions at ProMat 2017

Yale Invites Attendees to Break Free from Inefficiency with Innovative Solutions at ProMat 2017

Technology is driving change at an unprecedented pace in supply chain operations. Solutions based on technologies that first emerged only a few years ago are now almost status quo. At the largest expo for manufacturing and supply chain professionals in North America, Yale Materials Handling Corporation presents an innovative lineup of lift truck solutions designed to help attendees take control of their future. From April 3-6 at booth #S1003 in Chicago’s McCormick Place, attendees can see the efficiency advantages of robotic lift trucks firsthand, experience the value of virtual reality technology for operator training, see how telemetry enables data-driven fleet management and learn about the productivity benefits of alternative power solutions. 

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    Robotic lift trucks
    Driven by Balyo technology transforms Yale® lift trucks into self-navigating, infrastructure-free robotic solutions – no tape, wire or magnets required. These solutions bring the efficiency and reliability benefits of automation to repetitive, low value-added tasks.

  • Lift truck simulator
    Virtual reality technology helps ease the learning curve associated with lift truck operator training. Simulators assist in training and re-training without risking unnecessary damage to the truck, facility infrastructure and other equipment, while boosting operator confidence and productivity.

  • Wireless asset management
    Yale Vision helps control costs, protect assets and optimize productivity by monitoring equipment, truck and driver performance to help minimize total cost of operation.

  • Lithium-ion power
    Yale offers the first UL-recognized lithium-ion battery in the lift truck industry. The lithium-ion option requires no maintenance and lasts longer than AGM or lead acid battery packs, saving over 80 percent on lift truck battery costs over their lifetime. They can be opportunity charged from any standard outlet with no negative memory effects, enabling operators to top off in-transit or at the delivery site.

  • Hydrogen fuel cell technology
    Zero-emission fuel cell technology and on-site hydrogen generation from Nuvera combined with Yale® lift trucks enable complete turnkey solutions to reduce emissions and improve performance.

ProMat seminars

In addition to booth displays and live demonstrations, Yale will present two ProMat seminars.

  • Robotic lift trucks: Where do they make sense in your DC?: Tuesday, April 4 at noon in Theater G

  • IoT - Leveraging big data to enhance your operation and drive labor productivity: Wednesday, April 5 at noon in Theater I.


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