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Zoomlion Forklifts Emerge as a New Force

On January 11-13, Zoomlion Industrial Vehicles Company held its annual business meeting for 2015 titled "Joint Brand, Creating the Future" in Wuhu, Anhui. The meeting was attended by the Industrial Vehicles Branch Company's management team and almost 400 of the company's distributors and suppliers from across the country. The meeting marked the emergence of forklifts as a new force within Zoomlion and the start of a period of rapid development. 
"Joint Brand" refers to the strategic reorganization undertaken by the Industrial Vehicle Company in 2014, whereby it officially joined Zoomlion to become a new force within the company's construction machinery sector. General manager of the Industrial Vehicles Company, Jiang Ming, commented, "As one of the high-end benchmarks in the equipment manufacturing industry in China and the world's sixth-largest – and China's largest – construction machinery manufacturing brand, Zoomlion will commit considerable intangible branding and operational and management resources as well as physical channeling, network and customer resources to the Industrial Vehicles Company. These resources will provide it with the drive it needs for a new round of business development. The company intends to move forward hand-in-hand with its vast network of dealers and suppliers and achieve mutual benefits while developing a shared new future.” 
In 2014, the Industrial Vehicles Company achieved its production and sales target of over 6,000 units, and as a result of improvements in technological innovation and manufacturing capabilities, it achieved moderately healthy growth and sustainable development. Last year, the company also optimized its sales distribution network, significantly enhanced its service capabilities, nurtured a strategic distributor with a single point of sale of 500 units, and soundly developed each link in its value chain. In 2014, the Industrial Vehicles Company released a number of new products based on an in-depth analysis of market demand. On the basis of steadily improved sales and a larger market share of small- and medium-tonnage internal combustion vehicles, the company launched medium-to-high-end overseas and domestic versions of its R Series in order to target the requirements of each market, thereby adding to its abundant list of products. According to industry development trends, there has been an increase in product lines with electric storage, and product refinement levels and manufacturing support capabilities have effectively improved. 
In 2015, the Industrial Vehicles Company integrated its overseas business operations within its management system, signaling a new globalization strategy, which has energized staff, and the company is now intent on achieving its new business objective of producing 10,000 units. The company is using Zoomlion as a guide in terms of its brand culture, strategic orientation, market drive, stratified technical support and matrix-based quality control management model, in order to produce first-class products with excellent product quality. 
At this year's business meeting, the Industrial Vehicle Company proposed increasing investment in technology and innovation, promoting the full integration, sharing and upgrading of Zoomlion's resources, achieving the development strategy and management policy of simultaneous growth of economies of scale, and opening up a new path of strategic operations and business development for 2015 and beyond. 
At the meeting, the company commended strategic distributors and outstanding dealers and suppliers in 2014 and presented awards to dealers for achieving the company's strategic objectives. It also signed a strategic cooperation agreement for 2015 with dealer representatives so as to consolidate and develop its strategic partnerships with dealers and suppliers. This is a sign of the faith and determination the Industrial Vehicles Company has in its cooperation with its partners and in achieving benefits for both sides, as well as the powerful momentum it is saving up for its future market development. 

Source: Zoomlion