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ZOOMLION-MAZ Joint-ventured Equipment Successfully off the Assembly Line

On December 30, 2015, the first batch of joint-ventured equipment assembled by Zoomlion and Belarussian MAZ Group was successfully off the line and passed the testing and certification of the Customs Union. Belarussian Minister of Industry Mr. Vovk and MAZ Group's executive team attended the off-line ceremony in the factory.


The first batch of equipment off the assembly line included 40-ton truck-mounted crane, 60-ton truck-mounted crane and 16-ton sanitation sweeping truck, with their brand named ZOOMLION-MAZ. At the ceremony, Zoomlion’s staff operated three pieces of equipment, showing their good equipment performance, fine design and manufacturing process as well as the new Zoomlion VI painting that won the praise of all guests present.

Belarussian Minister of Industry Mr Vovk marveled at the performance demonstration of the equipment off the assembly line and again highly appreciated Zoomlion team’s efficiency in managing and advancing the project under the leadership of chairman Mr. Zhan Chunxin as they shipped equipment from China and sent staff to determine technical solutions in a short time, and successfully rolled three pieces of equipment off the assembly line at last. Mr. Vovk said he was willing to serve as the spokesperson for ZOOMLION-MAZ products and promote them within the CIS countries including Belarus.

In May 2015, under the witness of Chinese President Xi Jinping and President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, Zoomlion, as one of the first Chinese-funded enterprises, officially settled in the flagship project of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" – China - Belarus Industrial Park. The Belarussian project is one of Zoomlion’s key projects of its strategic layout for "going abroad to do business locally" under the national policy "One Belt And One Road". ZOOMLION-MAZ equipment successfully rolling off the assembly line marked the phased success of Zoomlion’s Belarus project.

The first batch of equipment successfully rolling off the assembly line made a good start for the overall promotion of project in Belarus. In 2016, Zoomlion will continue to maintain close cooperation with MAZ Group, implement the official operation of the joint venture company locally, put more Zoomlion’s equipment into local production and assembly, make full use of the industrial park’s regional advantages and platform advantages, Belarus’ industrial base as well as Zoomlion’s advanced R & D and manufacturing technology to successfully create a R & D and manufacturing base covering Eastern Europe and CIS region in the Silk Road Economic Belt and make itself a successful model of promoting international expansion by local operation.

Source: Zoomlion