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Vögele (WIRTGEN Group)

At Conexpo-Con/Agg 2017, MT 3000-2i MTV Offers High-Tech for High Productivity

The VÖGELE MT 3000-2i Offset PowerFeeder for the North American market -- shown at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2017 -- is a powerful, innovative material transfer vehicle which provides uninterrupted,...


New VÖGELE SUPER 2000-3i and Super 2003-3i are Next Generation Asphalt Pavers

With the 10-ft. tracked SUPER 2000-3i and the wheeled SUPER 2003-3i pavers -- the latter introduced at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2017 -- VÖGELE has developed two entirely new pavers for the North American market.

World Premiere: The new Benchmark in 8-foot Pavers

The 8-foot paver segment is of central importance to many road construction companies, because with these machines they can cover a wide range of applications, from small municipal job sites to highway construction and rehabilitation.

Continuous filling enhances efficiency

Filling cavities between safety barriers on the A 81 Black Forest motorway with an MT 3000-2i Offset PowerFeeder and a SUPER 800-3i paver demonstrates the added value delivered by the VÖGELE PowerFeeder series.

Uncompromising quality for the 500km/h track

The race itself only takes a few seconds, but in these brief moments, everything has to be absolutely perfect.

SUPER 1880 L – the multifunctional paver for cement-treated base and asphalt

The SUPER 1880 L takes and gives a lot. Cement-treated base (CTB) has become the established standard in China for road construction projects. Paving base courses up to 50cm thick requires...

The high-grade asphalt specialist SUPER 1880-3 L – powerful, efficient and economical

With the SUPER 1880-3 L, VÖGELE are presenting a new tracked paver that has been tailored to demands in China. As the successor to the SUPER 1800-2 L, so popular in China,...

The VÖGELE wheeled paver SUPER 1603-3 with AB 480 TV Extending Screed

Innovative paving technology is not a matter of size, as proven by the SUPER 1603-3 from VÖGELE. A wheeled paver, this machine can go virtually anywhere.

Quality in focus with VÖGELE RoadScan

Making quality measurable is one of the major challenges for contractors and clients worldwide. In road construction, it is particularly important to verify that a constant temperature....

VÖGELE RoadScan, a contactless temperature-measurement system, makes paving quality measurable and verifiable

Making quality measurable is one of the big issues for contractors and clients worldwide. One of the key criteria for the durability of roads...