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Brand new Soilmec SF-55

The new SF-55 delivers the ideal combination of efficiency, smart working and compactness. Since 1998 when the first CM-48 was produced in Cesena, Soilmec became a landmark for CFA dedicated machines. Today, after 3 further models and over 200 units sold, Soilmec launch the next generation of this dedicated CFA rig: the new SF-55. The main design elements and the technological innovations come together in this new machine. Increased performance, simplicity and reliability are the results of this new step ahead. _______________________________________________ Soilmec equipment is used everyday on jobsites all around the world for bridges, viaducts, motorways, tunnels, underground lines, railways and buildings of all types. We have grown enormously over these four decades. Thanks to a constantly upgraded and broadening range of products and a greatly increased production capability, we are an established landmark in the international ground engineering field. The company was established in 1969. Since its inception, Soilmec has always developed safe, innovative, cutting-edge technologies and provided the construction industry the full spectrum of equipment solutions. Leading ground engineering for 50 years. Follow us on Facebook: Website: Twitter: Join the YT Soilmec channel: Read full article