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🎊 New Product Launch 🎊 We are delighted to announce the launch of our new COMBi-CB 70E @ LIGNA 2023 - Hanover! This new electric model boasts the following features: ✅ A newly developed Auto Swivel Seat ✅ Three large super-elastic tyres for covering uneven ground ✅ A spacious cab with hydraulic suspension ⚡ 7t Eco friendly electric counterbalance ✅ Single pull out battery and controllers for simplified maintenance ✅ Compact design ✅ Multidirectional The new Combi-CB70E is the shortest 7t capacity counterbalance truck on the market, making it ideal for large loads on rough terrain. For more details or for our press pack, please visit #LIGNA #Forklift #7tonforklift #Combilift Read full article

Combi-Lift On LECTURA Specs