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DGUV in Germany claims CM labs achieved the highest realism in a simulation model

The German Statutory Accident Insurance (DGUV) claims in their guidelines dictating the use of simulation systems for the qualification of operators of mobile work equipment that CM Labs achieved the highest realism in a simulation model. Learn more by talking to our team, request a demo now: _________________________________________________________ CONNECT WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ OTHER RESOURCEFUL LINKS SEE ALL CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT SIMULATOR TRAINING PACKS: E-BOOKS : 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Training Simulator - Success with Simulator Training: Case Files - Benefits of Simulation-Based Training - Measuring the ROI in Simulation-Based Training - CUSTOMER STORIES: BROCHURES AND DATASHEETS: WEBINARS: Compact Track Loader Simulator Training Pack Road Test and Pro Trainer Tips: Other webinars: _________________________________________________________ #simulation #simulatortraining #germany #operatortraining #constructiontechnology #constructionsimulator Read full article