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Foreign Investment Trophy 2018 - State-of-the-art HQ for Hyundai Construction Equipment in Flanders – Management, sales, after-sales, warehousing and a training academy: Hyundai puts it all under 1 roof in Flanders. On February 27th, 2018, Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) will be hosting its 6th consecutive Foreign Investment Trophy. The event will see 5 international companies – that announced or made an investment in the region of Flanders in the past year – compete for the Foreign Investment of the Year Trophy. One of the contestants is South Korean manufacturer Hyundai Construction Equipment. Johan Thiels, administration director at Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe, commented on the nomination during a tour at the company’s premises in Tessenderlo, Flanders. “These channels are important cycling routes in the bicycle track network of the Kempen area in Flanders,” begins Johan Thiels, administration director at Hyundai Construction Equipment in Tessenderlo. “During the weekend, I like to come here and ride away my stress.” “Today, you can regularly spot a Hyundai machine on the road. Every time I see one, I think: ‘There you go, another job well done.’ Hyundai ended up in Europe and Flanders in 1995. I was here at the very start. They sometimes call me the company’s history book, as I have been around for so long and have experienced everything.” “Hyundai has become one of Europe’s larger suppliers of excavators and forklift trucks. The European headquarters of Hyundai Construction Equipment is located here in Tessenderlo. The infrastructure of Flanders is of vital importance to us. We chose this location particularly because key supply routes for our products are nearby.” “For one, there is the port of Antwerp, crucial for the supply and distribution of our machines. On the other hand, the Albert Canal will become very important, too. We want to see our supply of parts from Korea delivered directly to the container dock in Meerhout.” “The management chose to construct an ecological building, gathering the sales department, marketing and after-sales service all under one roof. But there’s also the showroom, and the Hyundai Academy, where we can provide training. The larger portion of our building is occupied by a warehouse.” “Hyundai will recruit many more employees in the future, and grow from 100 to 150 employees in the medium term.” Discover the other nominees and vote for your favorite at Read full article

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