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Hand-built in Japan 3 - Kobelco NEXT System

In the series Hand-Built in Japan, we are exploring key areas of our manufacturing process at our Itsukaichi factory from the Global Engineering Center and fabrication and welding sections, to upper/lower assembly and quality control, as well as meeting some of Kobelco’s key engineers. More stories and videos at ----------------------------------------------------------------- Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. ► Visit our website at Kobelco is well-known worldwide as a leading excavator manufacturer. Our machines are well-regarded for their advanced technologies. Kobelco’s Japanese-built excavators deliver superior fuel efficiency, low noise operation and advanced hydraulics for powerful, high performance. Get to know all of our products in our product overview, including the conventional models, demolition & recycling models, mini excavators and the SR Series. ► Read full article

Kobelco SK 400 D LC 10 On LECTURA Specs
Kobelco SK 550 D LC 10 On LECTURA Specs
Kobelco SK350DLC-10 On LECTURA Specs