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The green construction site - zero emission for gardening and landscaping - Wacker Neuson

This green construction site only considered emission-free construction machinery and equipment in order to protect the exotic plants and still be able to work efficiently. An ideal construction site for Wacker Neuson's zero emission solutions. Thanks to the emission-free operation, the green construction site employees were protected when planting the plants, as windows and doors cannot be opened easily due to the sensitive plants. On the other hand, damage to the sensitive plants caused by exhaust fumes was prevented. Almost the entire zero emission portfolio from Wacker Neuson was used on the green construction site: The mini-excavator EZ17e, the latest addition to the zero emission series, was responsible for excavation work so that the plants could be placed in the right places. Its tasks also included moving natural stone. The electric wheel loader WL20e and the electric wheel dumper DW15e showed their skills in transporting materials. In order to prepare the paths in the Danakil house, the soil was compacted with a battery-powered rammer in particularly confined areas, while a battery-powered vibratory plate was used on larger areas. Both compaction machines can be operated with the same modular lithium-ion battery, which can be changed in no time at all and is specially designed for the hard conditions on site. Thanks to Wacker Neuson's broad portfolio of zero emission solutions, entire galabau processes can already be operated completely emission-free and very quietly - turning them into green construction sites in two senses of the word. More information can be found at: Wacker Neuson is proud to be a global brand. Not all products, configurations or services shown here may be available in your market. Stay informed: Subscribe to the official YouTube channel of Wacker Neuson directly with the red button below the video! Read full article

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