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Two million John Deere tractors from the factory Mannheim: the production

The John Deere plant in Mannheim is celebrating the production of its 2,000,000th tractor. Around 3,300 employees manufacture approximately 40,000 tractors per year for the entire world. A tractor rolls off the assembly line here every 4.2 minutes. The factory is one of the most important employers in the city Mannheim and the largest John Deere production facility outside North America. It is also the largest tractor production facility in Germany, as two-thirds of all tractors manufactured in Germany are produced in Mannheim.  1921: Lanz introduces the world's first crude oil tractor, the 12 hp Bulldog HL. The tractor is powered by a horizontal one cylinder engine, the so-called glow-head engine. The peculiar shape of the cylinder head and the protective cap above it give the tractor the name Bulldog. The tractor was designed by Dr. Fritz Huber. 1956: The 200,000th Bulldog is manufactured in this year. At the same time, John Deere takes over Heinrich Lanz Ag with its factories in Germany and Spain. 1993: 72 years after the introduction of Lanz's first crude oil tractor, the one millionth tractor rolls off the production line at the Mannheim plant. 2023: The two millionth tractor, a 6R250, rolls off the production line. ☛ Subscribe for more John Deere videos:     ☛ Follow us on Social Media:   ✓ Facebook: ✓ Instagram: ✓ LinkedIn:     ☛ More from John Deere:   ✓ Find your Dealer: ✓ Visit our Website: Read full article

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