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Volvo CE - BRIO partnership: Explore the fascinating world of construction through play

Construction machines are a big hit with children thanks to their impressive size, bold colors and the exciting and important work that they do: digging holes, lifting and transporting heavy loads – and helping build the world we live in. For the builders of tomorrow Now thanks to a new partnership with toymaker, BRIO, kids can build their very own replica Volvo CE construction machines using easy-to-use-tools and act out all their favorite tasks from a real-life construction site. Expertly crafted for little hands to play with, the Volvo CE-themed mini machines from BRIO Builder feature a wheel loader, hauler and excavator, all with realistic play functions such as mechanical dumping, lifting and hauling. Sporting Volvo CE’s iconic yellow livery, the toys are made from FSC Certified beech wood and high-quality plastic pieces. And because safety is in our DNA, atop each machine sits a battery-powered orange warning light. Endless play possibilities Construction play takes on a whole new level of fun. Build, act out, reinvent and rebuild the machines to your hearts desire and explore the world of work in a fun way, practicing hand-eye coordination and developing a love of design and building. Discover the new BRIO Builder Construction system and ignite the imagination of a new generation of aspiring young construction engineers. Look out for the BRIO Builder Construction toys available in toy stores worldwide. *******Subscribe for our latest updates!******** #VolvoCE #construction #heavyequipment #BuildingTomorrow #BRIOPlay #Construction #BRIOBuilder © VolvoCE All Rights Reserved Read full article

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