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Volvo Penta – Mighty Jobs – Next-level snow ploughing

Ever wonder how it is possible to live in the Arctic Circle? In this episode of Mighty Jobs, we travel to Norrland in the far north of Sweden, where snow can reach up to three meters high. For local communities, snow ploughing equipment and their operators are essential for infrastructure, transportation and maintaining contact with the outside world. We meet some of these operators and take a closer look at the machines - and their engines - that make daily life possible in such extreme conditions. @veraasenas585 #MightyJobs #snowploughing Chapters: 00:00 Mighty Jobs: Opening 00:25 What life in Norrland is like 00:57 Snow ploughing in the streets of Kiruna 2:21 Skellefteå Airport 3:03 What kinds of snow are there?! 3:30 Volvo Penta’s complete engine package 4:18 The Øveraasen RS 400 4:45 Lacey takes the wheel 5:43 Why is torque important 7:03 Essential role of snow ploughs VOLVO PENTA ON SOCIAL MEDIA: View this video and more stories at - Follow us on Twitter - Like us on Facebook - Follow us on LinkedIn - Follow us on Instagram - Read full article