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G4500 X-TRA with Leveling frame

100 different attachments available from TOBROCO-GIANT

TOBROCO-GIANT offers more than 100 different attachments so GIANT machines can be used all year long. By choosing the right attachment it is possible to adjust your GIANT to working conditions for construction, material handling, demolition, private use and many other areas of application.


There are about 100 attachments that can be used for the skid steer loaders, (telescopic) wheel loaders and telehandlers from TOBROCO-GIANT to make them being used for all different kinds of tasks. A lot of different buckets with or without grapple, pallet forks, road sweepers, paving grippers, tree clamps, mowers, mulchers and even snow blades and salt spreaders for winter services are available, to name only a few of them.

This is why the machines prove themselves reliable and versatile helpers not only when building new outdoor facilities, but they can also be used all year long for the care of squares, trees, lawns, paths or for winter service. By the help of different attachments the machines reach a very satisfactory degree of capacity utilization, which makes machines more efficient. Companies don’t have to acquire multiple machines for different jobs and employees don’t have to do a lot of different tasks anymore that used to be manual work.

GIANT hitch supports the ideal cooperation of different attachments


The system responsible for the change of attachments is very important for the work with different tools. The more often attachments have to be changed in the working process the more important is a quick and easy change from one tool to another so that different steps of the work procedure can be fulfilled quickly. The machines from TOBROCO-GIANT can all be equipped with an hydraulic mounting system and can also be fit up with multi quick couplers, so called “Multifasters”. That means that hosepipes can be rearranged in one go when changing the attachment. No pressure relief of the coupling is necessary within this process, which saves a lot of time compared to the rearrangement of attachments with conventional screw couplings.