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1976-2016: 40 years of Carmix self-loading cement mixers

Carmix is the number one off-road self-loading cement mixer in the world. The machine is easy to use and ideal for producing and distributing concrete in the most difficult worksites, in the most congested traffic areas and on the most remote islands. Carmix's history began over 40 years ago, in Venice, and has been focusing on great innovative solutions since the end of the 60s. In 1969, Carman, a company that designed and produced the first dumper and mixer trucks by assembling the parts and components of military and agricultural vehicles, was founded. This is how the career of Rino Liborio Galante began; he acquired the skills and expertise needed to become Carman's export manager and to later found Metalgalante, in 1976. The objective was clear from the beginning: offering machines that produce high quality concrete on any worksite, even under extreme work conditions. This is how the first Carmix design was created in 1980, a machine that became an icon for worksites worldwide.

The European growth and worldwide expansion


Carmix was already strongly oriented towards the export industry since its foundation. From the very start, as well as for the following twenty years, the company exported about 70% of its production to Spain since this country was regarded as a real national market. A serious crisis hit the country and quickly changed the scenario, leading Carmix to search for great opportunities in other countries. The markets opened their doors on all continents, especially in South America, Africa and the Republics of the former Soviet Union, thus achieving 55% of sales in Latin America, 40% equally distributed between Africa and Asia and 5% in Europe in 2016.

A capillary presence in 154 countries

After acquiring Cambodia in 2016, the company now exports in 154 countries. The continuous growth seriously increased between the early 2000s and today: in fact, the turnover has tripled over the decade. These numbers are the proof of a technological and business success based on the company's winning philosophy: innovating in the world of self-loading cement mixers. A sound knowledge of the market, of the foreign countries and of the macroeconomic variables has enabled the company to establish distribution agreements with very effective partners. The most recent one with the CAT Rental store, in 2015, strengthened the presence of the Italian company in Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica and Mexico.

The future of self-loading cement mixers

With a production of over 400 units a year, the company plans on continuing to export its machines by consolidating its presence in key countries, such as Latin America, and by investing in an Eastern expansion. In fact, the Asian and Caucasian countries are part of the company's strategic plan because they offer a very fertile market and great growth potential. Besides these objectives, new technologies connected to the world of concrete will continue to be developed. At Bauma 2016, the new Carmix 3500 TC has the most innovative devices - Promix, Concrete-Mate, App - developed by the company to facilitate work on worksites worldwide, together with the very new concrete pump TrailerPump15. The strategy is thus to continue on designing and offering technological tools that can optimize the production of concrete, while ensuring the excellent quality Carmix has been implementing since 1976.

Source: Associata Unicom