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A 2021 vintage unveiling the latest technological trends in construction

Every three years, INTERMAT Paris is the global meeting place for professionals working in equipment, machinery, technology and materials for construction and infrastructure. Supported by its solid foothold in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with 83% of its international visitors from the EMEA zone, INTERMAT Paris 2018 served as confirmation of the vitality of the sector through its 1,400 exhibitors and 173,300 visitors who came in search of new business opportunities.


With the added value of its visitors, half of whom worked for building contractors and 67% of whom had a decision making, purchasing or specifying role, this latest edition once again distinguished itself as the essential venue for top-level business negotiations. 78% of visitors came to the show with purchasing or investment plans and 77% of them found the means to fulfil them on site: proof that the business opportunities on offer were indeed productive!

A 2021 edition at the heart of the transformation of a future-focussed sector

Two years before its upcoming 2021 show, INTERMAT today reveals the key features of an event with a resolutely forward-looking vision and which will bear witness to the latest technological and digital innovations from the international construction and infrastructure market.

“The 2021 vintage will offer its share of new developments to closely cater to the expectations and changes of a sector which is more innovative and future-focussed than ever and to constitute a powerful strategic development vector for its exhibitors and visitors,” explains Isabelle Alfano, Exhibition Director.

An exhibition offering showcased in five hubs of expertise

The four hubs of expertise constituted in 2018 are being reconducted for 2021 with minor adjustments: Earthmoving, Demolition and Transportation / Roads, Minerals and Foundations / Building and Concrete Sector/ Lifting and Handling; and will be joined by a New Technologies actor.

“This new hub will offer a response to the outlook and expectations of the profession by providing a special space for cutting-edge technology, insofar that it is gradually proving to be ubiquitous and will certainly have become an integral part of machinery in 2021. Augmented reality, mobile applications, drones, 3D printing, data modelling, cloud technology, virtual engineering, Internet of Things and autonomous vehicles will all have their spot in the limelight, benefitting and accompanying everyone whose task is to smartly shape the future of our communities,” adds Isabelle Alfano.

15 countries examined closely by the Construction Observatory to 2030

Following on from the success of the first Observatory of construction markets and projects that it created in 2018, INTERMAT 2021 is launching its second edition to reinforce its roots in the EMEA zone and continue to support the actors of this geographical zone. With its scope extended to 15 countries, the strategic study, by presenting the major projects running to 2030, will help readers to identify the development potential in the industry. Isabelle Alfano concludes: “These major projects will be put into perspective by the equipment and machinery presented at the show. Their benefits in terms of use, innovation, productivity and appeal will thus be at the heart of the next meeting of INTERMAT Paris.”

And once again in 2021:

Unique display and demonstration spaces to maximise product presentation and optimise exchanges, with indoor halls and the outdoor INTERMAT DEMO area.

An international showcase for the sector’s innovations with the INTERMAT Innovation Awards, presented at the INTERMAT Press Days on 21 and 22 January 2021 (formerly Pre-INTERMAT).

World of Concrete Europe (3rd edition), incorporated within the Buildings and Concrete Sector hub of INTERMAT, will offer an overview of the European concrete market, combining an exhibition space, an educational form and a demonstration zone, to help visitors discover the innovative offering of the concrete sector along its full value chain.

Source: Comexposium