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With two months to go before INTERMAT, discover the highlights happening throughout the six days

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INTERMAT Paris & World of Concrete Europe 2018 Official Video

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A wider range of offering and essential events


Only 2 months until the international meeting of all the players in the construction and infrastructure sector. 

INTERMAT Paris sets up many events all along the show:


  • INTERMAT Rental Day

  • Themes Villages


INTERMAT Demo is one of the main attractions at the exhibition.

The only international exhibition to offer an exterior zone where the constructors are able to highlight their equipment and machinery in action.

INTERMAT Paris Demo: the art of showcasing the performance of worksite machinery

Building and civil engineering professionals will be able to discover manufacturers know-how and the way plant and equipment is developing towards even better safety, productivity, etc.

These live demonstrations are a chance to demonstrate the performance of machinery and equipment in real-life worksite conditions.

Lots of exibitors on about 30 000 m2 of outside area.

Attendees will be able to see a wide range of machinery in action:

  • excavators,

  • compact excavators,

  • loaders

  • graders

  • screeners 

  • crushers

  • machines and equipment for demolition, etc...


INTERMAT created the Event INTERMAT RENTAL DAY : an International Round Table on the theme : "Equipment rental in 10 years"

The Thursday 26 April 2018, INTERMAT created the Event INTERMAT RENTAL DAY, at Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre.

Construction equipment rental is no stranger to the strong digital trend sweeping across the distribution sector in general.

In this evolving and positive economic environment, INTERMAT Paris is dedicating a special day to the rental sector, INTERMAT RENTAL DAY.

Program of the event

Two key events will feature on this day:

IN THE MORNING (10.30AM - 12.30PM):

An exclusive round table on the theme " Equipment Rental in 10 years ", addressing the market’s growth perspectives and moderating by Nadine Dereza.

1. A wide range of views and insight into equipment used by construction and industry and how the rental sector is changing, drawing on examples from different countries.

The speakers are:

  • Martin SEBAN Economic Consultant, IHS Markit

  • Hervé REBOLLO, General Secretary, DLR (France)

  • Ken HUGUES, International Director, ARA (USA)

  • Juan José TORRES, CEO, ASEAMAC (Spain)

2. Overview of construction sector change-related issues affecting equipment rental in these countries.

3. Major factors that will drive change in the rental business over the next 10 years, and how each country is preparing for it.

The speakers are:

  • Lorenzo PERINO, Lawyer, ASSODIMI (Italy)

  • Peter SCHRADER, Chief Executive Officer, Zeppelin Rental (Germany)

AFTERNOON (14.00PM - 18.00PM):

Individual business meetings between exhibitors and rental firms.

  • How to make an appointment? - From March 2018, an on-line linking platform will be sets up.


With the aim of addressing the challenges raised by the digitalisation of the building and public works industry, INTERMAT Paris has chosen to hightlight new technologies developed by companies.

For the very first time, start-ups, SMEs and larger firms will present their new solutions and products on three dedicated spaces:

  • Start-up Village by EUROVIA

  • Building Smart Village 

  • Demolition & Recycling Village

A series of talks and round tables on the market’s topical subjects will also be ion the agenda of each theme zone to encourage exchange and sharing between professionals.


With 14 selected start-ups displaying innovative solutions and products.

Responding to the challenge of digitalization of the construction and infrastructure's sector, INTERMAT Paris decided to set differenttheme villages, whose the Start-up village by EUROVIA. 

An exclusive area devoted to innovation.

The Start-Up Village at INTERMAT Paris 2018, will be made up of around fifteen start-ups offering innovative solutions and/or products which will revolutionise the world of Industry: 

  • 360 SmartConnect

  • CAD42

  • Equipements A Partager

  • Fieldwire

  • Finalcad

  • Futurmap

  • iBAT

  • Led's Chat

  • Matos

  • OpenSafe

  • RB3D

  • Sharemat

  • Tout pour le forage

  • Tracktor


BIM and digital solutions for use in the design and construction of buildings and infrastructure.

The Smart Building Village at INTERMAT Paris 2018, will be located at the centre of the "Building & Concrete Sector" hub in hall 6. It will bring together about twelve companies from the Smart Building field, together with a discussion and exchange area for talks, round tables, etc. 

BuildingSMART France – Mediaconstruct an association created in 1989, brings together all professionals in construction, building and infrastructure, exploitation, throughout the life cycle. Its missions: standardization, repository definition, guides et tools for the BIM appropriation.  bS France - Mediaconstruct, regionally present, is also since 1996, the French representative of buildingSMART international.

Within this Smart Building Village, six specific topics will be addressed:

  • Automatic operation of earthmoving machines,

  • Automation and robotic technology,

  • BIM Cabin,

  • Building data management systems, 

  • Digital design and robotic manufacturing, 

  • Digital tools on the worksite, 

  • Earthmoving monitoring using airborne 3D surveys


In the heart of security and the waste management sector of construction sites.

The Demolition & Recycling Village at INTERMAT Paris 2018, will be located at the centre of the Earthmoving and Demolition hub in hall 4. It will bring together companies from the demolition sector, together with a discussion and exchange area for talks, round tables, etc.

Within this Demolition & Recycling Village, four specific topics will be addressed: 

  • Recycling, 

  • Waste management, 

  • Safety, 

  • Dust suppression. 


INTERMAT 2018, the edition for new growth and technological innovation, discover the nominees!

Chaired under the presidency of the FNTP, the international INTERMAT Innovation Awards competition distinguishes equipment, techniques, services, products or solutions that contribute to progress in the construction and infrastructure industry.

Through their innovations, candidates have improved equipment performance and user safety in a perspective of optimising productivity whilst being environmentally responsible. These innovations have competed in the various categories reflecting  the 4 hubs of expertise at the exhibition and 4 additional exclusive awards.

For this 7th edition, a judging panel of 13 European specialists of the industry have chosen to award 13 winners among the 90 products declared by the exhibitors registered to INTERMAT Paris and World of Concrete Europe 2018.

The Award ceremony took place January 18th at Maison de la Mutualité, Paris.

Source: Comexposium