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Palazzani Ragno TSJ 27/C Bi-energy Go to photo
Palazzani Ragno TSJ 27/C Bi-energy

A Ragno TSJ 27/C for the Company Effeci Coperture, the solution for intervention on the roofs

Effeci Coperture Srl, based in Milan, was born at the end of the 60’s.


Working mostly for industrial and construction companies, it grows strongly taking care of quality, first of all. Between the 80s and 90s the Company expands, following the market development and including metal roofing and asbestos products reclamation. Later it adds also with thermal insulation, coatings, safety line life and civil roofing systems with tiles. Today Effeci Covers Srl manages all activities concerning the roofs. "We have always pursuit the quality in everything we do." The Shareholders say proudly.

To properly fulfill the aerial work, Effeci Coperture choose one Palazzani Ragno TSJ 27/C Bi-energy, configured with an hydraulic winch of 500 kg. The machine operates in both modes: as a Spider crane to lift and download the materials, as well as a Spider Lift for operators lifting. Working often in Milan city, where streets and spaces between buildings are narrow and where the jobs complexity is always important, a machine like Palazzani Spider is a must to work safely, with productivity and easily also in terms of logistic.

“what definitely makes the difference is the versatility of this type of platform, for the possibility to mount an hydraulic winch of 500 kg. The possibility to load and quickly discharge of the material is very important in our business, since it allows us to reduce costs considerably . " They members state with satisfaction.

Palazzani Ragno TSJ 27/C Bi-energy

Source: Palazzani Industrie S.p.A.

Palazzani TSJ 27 C on LECTURA Specs


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