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A royal assignment for BKL's fleet of tower and mobile cranes

The Munich full-service crane specialist in Linderhof Palace


Last autumn, two tower cranes from BKL's rental fleet, a 90 EC-B and a 32 TTR, completed their two-year assignment as part of the restoration work at Linderhof Palace. BKL subsequently sent an experienced team of crane operators and an LTM 1350-6.1 to disassemble the top-slewing crane above the palace roof. Moreover, to ensure that the 90 EC-B was removed quickly to keep disruptions to a minimum for visitors, the Munich crane specialists arranged the meticulously timed return transportation with an auxiliary crane, an 85-tonne-metre loader crane from BKL's fleet of over 600 tower and mobile cranes, and six trucks.

BKL's ingenious tower crane solution to renovate the façade

Linderhof is said to have been a favourite castle of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Surrounded by a magnificent landscape park in the Bavarian Alps, the palace attracts many visitors every year. The extensive mountainous terrain presented a challenge for the crane concept as the sloping site virtually ruled out a standard tower crane assembly. The construction crane experts therefore opted for a special combination from the over 500 tower cranes in BKL's rental fleet. A 90 EC-B with a hook height of 40 metres, a 50-metre radius and a maximum load capacity of 6 tonnes was installed directly behind the palace to lift the façade and cascade elements, weighing up to 3 tonnes each. For the second crane, the crane specialists deployed a 32 TTR with a hook height of 24 metres, a 30-metre radius and a maximum load of 4 tonnes. Its crawler chassis makes the self-erecting crane suitable for all terrains, enabling it to be set up on the slope.

Full BKL service and teamwork for the disassembly with an LTM 1350-6.1

Once the renovation work was completed, the mobile crane team from BKL Munich dismantled the top-slewing crane with a Liebherr LTM 1350-6.1 as the most cost-effective alternative of the company's over 100 mobile cranes. The onsite conditions meant that the mobile crane had to be positioned in front of the palace, while the tower crane that needed disassembling was behind the building. Therefore, the 350-tonne giant was specially modified to achieve the necessary hook height of 55 metres with a 40-metre radius. In order to lift the required 8.5 tonnes of maximum load, the crane specialists configured the mobile crane with 70 tonnes of ballast, a Y-telescopic boom guying system and a 12-metre extension on the main boom. The auxiliary crane was an 85-tonne-metre loader crane PK 92002-SH, which speeded up the process thanks to its small space requirement and short set-up time. To avoid disrupting visitors to the palace as far as possible, the project planning, mobile crane and trucks had to be closely coordinated. BKL's highly trained team completed the disassembly and the whole return transport of the cranes in a single day.

Source: BKL Baukran Logistik GmbH