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Able Equipment Purchases World’s Largest Compact Lift- the Falcon FS170T

The first Reachmaster falcon FS170T- the tallest compact lift in the world- has made its highly anticipated debut in North America.  Purchased and delivered to Able Equipment Rental, Inc. in Deer Park, NY the FS170T defies physics… almost!  It has an impressive 170’ of working height yet is a mere 4’ wide (standard double door access) and weighs less than 30,000 lbs putting in a class of its own. The recent delivery also gives Able Equipment Rental the largest & most diverse fleet of Reachmaster lifts available for rent in North America.


In 2013, Steve Laganas, owner of Able Equipment, decided he wanted something in his fleet that gave him an edge. He also saw the growing demand for access applications that required significant working height yet had extreme size and weight restrictions. In order to accommodate the growing demand for these types of lifts, Able Equipment decided to purchase their first atrium/compact lifts.

In August 2013 Able Equipment took delivery of their first ReachMaster Falcon: the Falcon FS105. Since, then an additional 7 Falcons have joined their fleet including the FS95, FS138 and now the new FS170T.  In addition, Able has also added several Bluelifts to their fleet including  B59’s and B72’s.

Compact lifts have slowly changed how entire industries work today. Window cleaners no longer hang from a rope, but have their feet safely planted in a basket while gaining a much larger working range.  Large facilities like airports, convention centers or shopping malls no longer have to close down an entire section for weeks to erect scaffolding, but can move lifts in and out of the area to conduct work during off hours. And tree care professionals no longer have to climb hazardous old dead trees in back yards because they can’t get their bucket trucks in, but can work from a compact lift next to the tree.

Any combination between limited access/ground pressure restrictions and a need for significant work height represents a prime application for compact lift equipment. Additionally, the horizontal outreach solves common problems such as reaching out over escalators, openings to floors below and reaching up and over permanent installations.

The new ReachMaster Falcon FS170T in North America boasts 170’ of working height and standard double door access. The lift weighs less than 30,000 LBS and is track based. It has 52’ of outreach, batteries/diesel engine combo, auto-setting outriggers and a 20’ double jib for up-and-over reach.

Steve Laganas, owner of Able Equipment Rental said, “ReachMaster lifts are one of my best niche items, they have tremendous ROI and I’m renting them not just regionally, but nationally”.

ReachMaster president Ebbe Christensen stated, “Both Steve Laganas and Able Equipment exude innovation and are constantly looking outside of the box to serve their customers at the highest levels and compete in the market not just today, but for many years to come. We are very grateful for their partnership and support of ReachMaster over the years.”

ReachMaster is the leading provider of compact aerial equipment and material handling products offering the largest portfolio of compact aerial equipment in North America from 16’ – 170’ work height. By using cutting-edge technology the equipment provides unmatched solutions to the toughest access problems and furthermore a lucrative ROI for the rental industry.