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Demag® AC 160-5 and AC 100-4 all terrain cranes Go to photo
Demag® AC 160-5 and AC 100-4 all terrain cranes

Action Lev efficiently installs craft beer tanks using Demag crane tandem lift

The rising popularity of craft beer is a significant boom for local breweries. To keep pace with increasing demand for favorite local flavors, craft breweries are expanding production and storage capacities. This has a trickle-down effect to lifting companies like Action Lev of Calais, France, as the tanks used to store the valued brews require specialized crane equipment to position them with efficient precision.


Action Lev recently assisted the craft brewer Goudale, located in Arques near St. Omer in the north of France, to install 24 new tanks for beer fermentation, providing an additional 400 m3 per tank of storage capacity for a total of 9,600 m3. The lifting contractor had a number of options at its disposal, but ultimately decided that a tandem lift using Demag® AC 160-5 and AC 100-4 all terrain cranes offered the most efficient and cost-effective solution for the customer.

More efficient

A single crane option for building and installing the tanks was initially on the table. “This plan required unloading the tanks from the trailers and placing them on a raised concrete slab,” explains Bruno Declercq, owner of Action Lev, who was also operating the crane. “Thanks to the compact size and manoeuvrability of the AC 160-5, I was able to set up the crane on the concrete slab in order to reduce the working radius. Otherwise, we would have had to use a crane with a capacity of 700 tonnes to lift them from the outdoor parking area.”

As is the case with many craft brewers, space is at a premium, and the location of the storage tanks at the back of the building does not leave much room for cranes. The situation was challenging because we had a six meter wide passageway to position two mobile cranes and a convoy requiring a space of six by 30 meters. So Action Lev chose to tackle the challenge deploying a Demag AC 100-4 four-axle crane that was to lift the lower section of the tanks. Its narrow 2.55-m (8.4-ft) width and short 10.64-m (34.9-ft) carrier length make this the most compact all-terrain crane in the 100-tonne (120-US-ton) capacity class. “Even though it is compact, the AC 100-4 still gives us a 50.1 m (164.4 ft) main boom length, which is incredible for a crane of this size,” says Bruno Declercq.

The crew then set up a 160-tonne (180-US-ton) AC 160-5 crane on the raised concrete slab to handle the new tanks. “This allowed the AC 160-5 to be rigged close to the load’s final position, so we could use a smaller capacity crane,” explains Bruno. Jean-Christophe Accio adds, “this smart solution left the access passageway free for the six meter convoy and the set up of the AC 100-4”.

To place the tanks, the AC 100-4 and AC 160-5 cranes required maximum counterweight of 26.1 tonnes (28.8 US tons) and 46 tonnes (50.6 US tons) respectively.

Remote precision

In total, Action Lev has set up 56 new 30-tonne tanks in the Goudale Brewery. The largest is nearly 23 m (75.5 ft) tall with a diameter of six meters (19.7-ft). Each tank had to be set up perfectly level on four legs. Bruno Declercq used the remote control of his AC 160-5 “to have a better perspective on the legs while placing and leveling the tanks“, adds Jean-Christophe Accio.

Bruno: “Since we were in direct visual contact with the load, the remote allowed us to place the tanks with utmost accuracy.


The dual-crane solution employed by Action Lev allowed the crew to cleanly and efficiently place six tanks per day. Including rigging and transport time, crew members completed the project in just three days. The Goudale Brewery was thus able to quickly resume what it does best: brew some of the world’s finest beer. Bruno Declercq and his crew will have to return to the brewery at the end of the year to set up eight additional, larger tanks, this time with a diameter of seven meters. A new challenge for Action Lev.

Source: Terex Cranes

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