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TOBROCO-GIANT shows first GIANT wheel loader on tracks.

TOBROCO-GIANT shows tracked loader at GaLaBau 2018

From September 12th – 15th in Nürnberg the 23rd GaLaBau Show is taking place as a major meeting point of the branch. With 1400 exhibitors who show solutions and ideas regarding planning, building and maintaining of urban areas, sports fields and other green fields, it will be the largest GaLaBau trade show ever. In hall 7A at the stand (516) of Kiesel, distributor for GIANT machines in Germany, TOBROCO-GIANT will present new machines.

TOBROCO-GIANT offers a wide range of products and matching attachments with many different options for all the different needs of gardening and landscaping. For lifting and transportation of heavy loads as cobblestone, crushed stone of soil and also for the maintenance of public areas, sports fields and grass areas TOBROCO-GIANT offers a great variety of the matching solutions. At GaLaBau TOBROCO-GIANT will show various new models, like a GROUNDKEEPER edition of the D254SW TELE. This machine is especially configured for municipal purposes.D332SWT

With the G4500 X-TRA a model with a total new construction is shown. The model includes an engine with Stage V level and can be configured individually because of its modular system of different options and levels of performance. Also there will be the first GIANT loader with tracks on the stand. This D332SWT X-TRA is a prototype. With the help of this machine work on wet and heavy grounds can easily be performed, because of the low pressure the tracks create. TOBROCO-GIANT wants to gather feedback from customers to finish the development of the model according to customer demands.