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The AEON CENTURAline had been shown the first time in 2019 now it is presented with PulseSystem. In the development, the focus was on the spraying capacity increase without compromises in safety and easiness of operation. Higher work speed is achieved due to lower center of gravity and a progressive hydraulic suspension system.


The AEON chassis – high driving performance and smooth handling due to hydraulic axle suspension and leaf-spring drawbar suspension. The ComfortTrack wheel steer system allows a turning radius of only 6.3 m measured in the middle of the track. The unique mudguards pivot with the wheel to keep nozzles clean.

Covered WorkZone and TechZone

The WorkZone on the left side is the operator position when filling the sprayer. The operator stands protected in a clean surrounding and operates the sprayer via the FluidBox 8000. LED lights illuminated the area shadow free and makes the operation as a pleasure. Filling, spraying, cleaning and agitation processes are fully automatic.

The TechZone is placed under the shield on the right hand side. The second pump and all electronic valves are placed there, easy to control and service.

Increase “uptime” with the SmartCom electronics

The SmartCom electronic platform on the AEON has new features as the ComfortTrack steering system and the new fully remote controlled fluid system. An intelligent FluidBox 8000 terminal in the WorkZone does the operation of the fluid system. On the AEON CENTURAline are diagnostics and HARDI ServiceTool (HST) standard features. In this way, service stops will be minimized and the spray pilot will have more “uptime” for actual spraying.

HARDI PulseSystem – pressure controlled pulse width modulation

The HARDI PulseSystem works with a combination of the DynamicFluid4 pressure regulation and the well-known HARDI diaphragm pump. The system is very precise with only few nozzle open or all nozzles open. Also in demanding spot spraying situation, it works excellent.


TWIN FORCE ActiveAir assistant with constant droplet size

By combining two innovative drift-reduction technologies, HARDI has succeeded in designing an application system with the lowest drift potential in the market. The PulseSystem allows having maximal drift reduction also with lower volume rates and without changing nozzles. The optimal application with medium spray quality can also be achieved easily.

Maximum drift reduction

The system can work with a constant spray pressure and by that a constant spray quality. This pressure limiter allows environmental safe spraying even with changed spraying speed.

Higher spraying speed with HARDI Pulse System

The PulseSystem can be flexible used, speed variations with +/- 40 % and variable volume rates are possible. Curve control and single nozzle on/off are standard features.

Advantage of the HARDI TWIN FORCE system

The TWIN FORCE ActiveAir assistant is in many countries approved as drift reduction technology, it gives the operator the possibility to guide the spray liquid towards the target, by that far better coverage and a better distribution is reached. Newest test results show a far better distribution and a more efficient use of plant protection products.

The AEON CENTURAline is offered with 4200 and 5200 l with 24 to 39 m DELTA FORCE boom and TWIN FORCE booms with 24 to 30 m. All sprayers are standard equipped with pressure circulation, either with motor driven or pneumatic activated nozzle bodies.