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AGRAGEX visits Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in a trade delegation

From the 10th to the 14th of June, the association will hold meetings in Almaty and Tashkent with local distributors and importers


The aim of this business trip is to promote the products manufactured in Spain, strengthening commercial bonds with both countries

The Spanish Exporters Association of Agricultural Machinery and its components (AGRAGEX) has organized a trade delegation to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan from the 10th to the 14th of June. Eleven Spanish companies, mostly members of the association, will take part in the business trip.

The participating companies of this trade delegations are the following: RAESA, Vyrsa, Solplast, Prado Silos, ITC, Comercial J. Huete, Serrat Trituradoras, RKD Irrigación, Novagric, Altuna Hermanos y Jympa.

The main goal set by Agragex is to establish trade relations and try to find possible commercial partners in both countries.

During this five day trade delegation, the Spanish participants will meet both local distributors and importers in an intense working plan that will begin in Almaty (Kazakhstan) from 10th to 11th of June and will continue in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) from the 12th to 14th. Moreover, in Tashkent, the commercial group will visit the exhibition “AgroExpo Uzbekistan”, where it seeks to assess what the demanded products are, with the objective of participating in future editions of the show, before the arrival of other competitors.

“When it comes to Uzbekistan we see a special interest in greenhouse crops to supply the Russian market and take advantage of the Russian veto on European exports and, specifically, on Turkish exports” claims Olatz Amorrortu, International Trade Advisor in the Association.

“Furthermore, both countries are aware of their scarcity of hydraulic resources and their necessity to implement irrigation technologies. For instance, Kazakhstan plans to invest around 2 billion dollars in irrigation systems, water tanks and wells”.

Novagric is one the companies that will travel along with AGRAGEX. “Our participation in the trade delegation is part of the company’s international strategy and with this business trip we intend to introduce our products (greenhouses, irrigation systems, climate control, etc.) in these two countries, which are experiencing a great economic moment, especially in the agricultural sector,” says Samuel Bañón, Export sales representative in this Spanish firm. “In Novagric we want to be present in all the countries that demand a more productive and technological agriculture. We believe the comprehensive service offered by Novagric providing facilities for intensive agriculture can satisfy the needs of these two high potential markets.”

Two interesting markets for Spanish Exporters

Kazakhstan is currently the largest economy in Central Asia. It has an estimated population of 18.5 milion inhabitants, with a land size of 2,750,000 km2, of which 846,000 km2 is agricultural land.

For its part, the government of Uzbekistan adopted and implemented the 2017-2021 Development Strategy, describing its political, economic and social priorities, including measures to liberalize the economy. In 2018, the currency market was liberalized, removing Uzbekistan’s main commercial obstacle. As a result, both individual and private companies are free to buy and sell foreign currency. Additionally, the travel visa requirement from Spain has been abolished.

“Both markets are interesting for Spanish companies. Agriculture in these two countries is still poorly mechanized, being mostly traditional, extensive and price sensitive, with a strong presence of crops such as wheat, maize, cotton and vegetables,” says Olatz Amorrortu.