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Agritechnica - SAME affirms its mission as a creator of specialised and utility tractors

Agritechnica 2019 - the historical Italian brand has chosen to showcase its tractor ranges for orchard and vineyard, and its multi-role models for open field and general farm tasks. All of these models feature an extensive use of the most advanced technology available today for tractor applications, making the Frutteto range, the benchmark in its class in terms of performance, efficiency and operator comfort. Testifying to the superior technology of the machines on show are a host of innovative features such as active, independent front suspension, an advanced continuously variable transmission, the new MaxCom armrest, ISOBUS capability and a completely redesigned cab. And if that were not enough, proven FARMotion engines, developed specifically for agricultural use, and a highly configurable hydraulic system available with an optional Load Sensing pump with a flow rate of 100 l/min (at an engine speed of just 1850 rpm), are further proof of the class-beating strengths of SAME specialised tractors.


The red-liveried brand presented the three models spearheading its range of specialised machines to the international public at the German expo exhibition - all of which feature the CVT continuously variable transmission developed specifically by SDF for vineyard and orchard machines. In addition to its extremely compact construction and superlative reliability, the SDF CVT transmission also boasts class- beating efficiency and unrivalled comfort.

The multiple award-winning 115 CVT S ActiveDrive - an extraordinarily compact and agile machine and winner of the “Best Specialized” category of Tractor of the Year 2019 - will be on show combined with the Grégoire Ecoprotect over-row sprayer, a state of the art machine with recovery panels which drastically minimises the quantity of crop treatment product released unnecessarily into the environment. This is a solution which contributes significantly to environmentally sustainable agriculture; a top priority for the SDF group.

As well as offering the ideal solution for working between more broadly spaced rows, the Frutteto 105 CVT ActiveDrive is also perfectly at home in the open field, making it an excellent choice for multiple crop farms.

SAME will also be presenting its range-topping specialised tractor at Agritechnica 2019, the Frutteto CVT 100 ActiveSteer - the world's first specialised machine with 4 wheel steering. This is a high-tech solution which significantly increases the manoeuvrability of the machine, reducing the turning circle by up to 28% compared with a conventional tractor of comparable size. ActiveSteer technology also improves safety when working on lateral gradients, as it allows the driver to adjust the angle of the rear wheels to counteract the tendency of the rear axle to slip downhill.

SAME will also be presenting its two flagship utility tractors at the German expo. This first is the Explorer 110, powered by a FARMotion engine - which attain compliance with Stage III B emissions regulations simply with a maintenance-free DOC catalytic converter that needs no additives - and boasting a potent hydraulic system with a primary pump with an output of up to 90 l/min for the lift and rear distributors, plus a secondary pump for the hydraulic steering and actuators.

The second is SAME's definitive all-rounder, the Dorado Classic 90.4, a tractor renowned for its extraordinary versatility and manoeuvrability, which now features an updated design in keeping with the style of the broader Dorado family. Completing the package are a choice of dependable, fuel-efficient FARMotion Stage III B engines and an ergonomically designed cab with a 4-post structure for unobstructed all-round visibility. A low centre of gravity and 4-wheel braking ensure sure-footed safety even when working on steep gradients. With a potent dual pump hydraulic system, with 4 or 6 way mechanically controlled rear distributors and a rear lift with a capacity of 2650 kg (or, as an option, up to 3600 kg), Dorado tractors are not only perfect for general tasks when working in limited spaces but also capable machines that can take heavier duty field applications in their stride.

The Grégoire GL8.6 self-propelled grape harvester will also be on display on the SAME stand. Powered by a Deutz engine, this is a harvester combining extremely high productivity with impeccable on-board comfort. This machine is also equipped with the highly efficient, state of the art ARC2 harvester head, which minimises row damage while optimising fruit detachment.

The Grégoire GL8.6 uses the latest generation Poclain hydraulic motors on all four wheels for outstanding traction, and can tackle gradients of up to 28% without breaking a sweat. To minimise fuel consumption, engine speed is adjusted automatically in relation to load.

Source: SAME; SDF Group